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Eyes on the road

Road tripping

Today’s photo wasn’t taken while driving. Instead, this is from the parking lot for the Fay Canyon Trail.

200 degrees of the Bright Angel Trail

12-photo photomerge of the Grand Canyon's Bright Angel Trail after snow

Today’s photo (a 12-photo photomerge actually) is from our New Year’s Eve hike down Bright Angel Trail after snow fell during the night. We didn’t go all the way down, not even close. But this was a spectacular trail even with limited visibility, and the trail probably wasn’t as crowded as it is much of the time.

Grand Canyon in winter

Grand Canyon from the South Rim

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock is likely the most recognizable of Sedona’s many red, sandstone formations. My favorite thing about this image is the memory of my condition at the time I took it. We were on our way down after reaching the end of the trail. I had a really bad headache until we began our descent. I took this when my head was experiencing a bit of a post-headache euphoria.

Sedona’s southeastern valley from Cathedral Rock Trail

Looking across Sedona's southeastern valley from Cathedral Rock Trail

Fay Canyon

Fay Canyon

On a lousy weather day we headed out to walk on the Fay Canyon Trail in Sedona. I figured this would finally be a less-than-spectacular experience given that every trail we had done so far in Sedona was so good and the sky was completely overcast. Not so. Fay Canyon was as good as all the rest even without any sun or blue sky. I felt like I was in Jurassic Park.


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