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Ceremonial Hall interior @ University of Copenhagen

1853 Ceremonial Hall @ University of Copenhagen

Built in 1853, I was lucky enough to get views from every angle of the classic Ceremonial Hall on the campus of the University of Copenhagen this past summer. In the summer of 2018 I plan to experience my fifth summer in Denmark.

Sort Sol @ 2017 Roskilde Festival

sort sol roskilde festival

Sort Sol @ 2017 Roskilde Festival (Denmark)

#rf17 @orangefeeling

Sort Sol has played at the Roskilde Festival seven times. 2017 was their first appearance since 2001 though. I had never heard of them. I didn’t plan to see them. It was the final day of the festival (actually it was after 2 a.m. on the morning after the final day of the festival), and I was tired. However, a new Danish friend said I had to see them so I did. Wow! Great show.

Here is a small taste of that morning.

ABSU @ Metal Magic

metal magic absu

ABSU @ 2017 Metal Magic (Fredericia, Denmark)

@MetalMagicDK @ABSU

Grundtvig’s Church

copenhagen church sunstar

Grundtvigs Kirke (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Happy birthday to Rafal Rasta Piotrowski!

Decapitated's Rafal Rasta Piotrowski

@COPENHELL @decapitated



@COPENHELL #copenhell


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