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Metal Monday

Red Fang @ Roskilde Festival

@orangefeeling #rf17 @OfficialNeurot @RedFang @RelapseRecords

Kinda fun to be on the other side of the world, seeing one of your favorite bands from your home state for the first time, and hear them say, “We are Red Fang from Oregon.” Got the ol’ patriotic blood flowing…

Choir of the damned

Batushka @ Copenhell

@COPENHELL #copenhell


Ghost @ 2016 Roskilde Festival

@thebandGHOST #rf16 @orangefeeling

Ghost @ 2016 Roskilde Festival

2018 Copenhell lineup begins to take shape

Arch Enemy @ Gefle Metal Festival

@archenemymetal @copenhell #copenhell2018

Bands I’m really looking forward to:
Ozzy Osbourne

Bands I’ll watch:
Arch Enemy

Bands I need to look into:
Zeal & Ardor

Bands I will skip:
Parkway Drive
Asking Alexandria
While She Sleeps

So far they have picked four off of my wish list.

Metal Monday

copenhell crowd

2016 Copenhell crowd

@COPENHELL #copenhell #copenhell2018

Today is an extra special Metal Monday. Why? Because Copenhell will announce the first group of bands who will be at 2018 Copenhell today. Tickets go on sale for the June 21-23, 2018 festival on November 9.

Nyhavn night

Nyhavn night

2018 will be my fifth summer in Copenhagen. In 2017 I didn’t get to Nyhavn nearly enough. Mostly that was because the place where I was staying (near Valby Station) was a good 20 minutes by bike. For 2018 I want to find a place between Nyhavn and Vesterbro. In 2011 a colleague stayed in a place overlooking Nyhavn. Now that would be awesome.


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