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Metal Monday

Anders M. Jørgensen of Slægt @ 2017 Copenhell

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Six weeks from today I’ll be seeing these guys again.

In one month…

Orange sunburst

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Barring some complete screw-ups by the airlines and/or horrible weather, I’ll be in my happy place a month from today. I am scheduled to arrive at 8:50 a.m. in Copenhagen. Neurosis will hit the new-and-improved Pandæmonium stage about 12 hours later.

Copenhagen’s Kultorvet


My residence this summer won’t be far from this spot.

Vesterbro Vinstue

Vesterbro Vinstue

I don’t eat out often in Copenhagen. The food just isn’t that good, and it’s always expensive. However, if you are in Copenhagen, and want a first-class meal, Vesterbro Vinstue is the place to go. You can order individual items for 95 DKK each or get a five-course dinner for 350 DKK (a bit over $50 but tax is included and tipping isn’t done in Denmark). Compare that to Noma which is 2,250 DKK (and is all vegetarian or vegan).

I have no idea what the above item is. All I know is I’ve been to Vesterbro Vinstue twice, have had 10 different things, all were awesome, and I didn’t know what any of them were.

Festival schedules released

2018 copenhell schedule time day

2018 Copenhell schedule

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The Roskilde Festival and Copenhell have revealed their detailed schedules for 2018.

Bad news for Roskilde is Skeletonwitch is playing while I’m teaching. I really wanted to see those guys, especially since what I’ve heard from their new album (Devouring Radiant Light) sounds so good. David Byrne is not on the Orange stage. What? That’s weird. Also his set overlaps Myrkur and Watain. I’ll probably skip Myrkur on Friday and just catch Myrkur’s Saturday set. I’ll miss the end of Byrne’s set to see all of Watain.

Copenhell’s schedule (above) has several problems for me. First is how weak the lineup is on Thursday. I could actually skip Thursday and not feel like I missed much. I may end up leaving by 10 p.m. on Thursday. Should I sit around for two hours to wait for Zeal & Ardor? I don’t know.

Friday has two problems. I want to see Orm again, but I don’t want to miss At The Gates or the beginning of the Deftones. I wanted to see Bersaerk but will likely only catch their first song so I don’t miss any of Kreator.

Saturday is filled with problems. Corrosion of Conformity at the same time as Igorrr? Dang, I’ll probably have to leave CoC early to catch a bit of Igorrr. Satyricon at the same time as Alestorm? I’ll probably miss all of Alestorm unfortunately. Tsjuder at the same time as Sodom? I’ll just catch the first Tsjuder song.

Metal Monday

Storm over Copenhell

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A storm is coming… 44 days to be exact.

More photos from Copenhell here.


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