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Copenhell Day 1

copenhell rain

Copenhell in the rain

@COPENHELL @RealAliceCooper @solstafiroffcal

Day 1 at Copenhell VII (AKA Copenhell 2016) is in the books. Day 2 begins in a few hours. Today’s lineup is a good one. I’m really looking forward to Solstafir. Amon Amarth, Megadeth, Epica, Kadavar, King Diamond, Abbath, and Artillery are also on today’s bill. I haven’t seen King Diamond since the 1980s. Unfortunately, Abbath’s and Artillery’s sets overlap so I won’t be able to see all of them both.

Day 1 was lots of fun until things got wet, very wet. The lightning was impressive. My bike ride home was filled with it too. I wanted to see With The Dead, but I was soaked and headed home for a warm bath instead. Alice Cooper’s set was my favorite of the day.


Copenhell 2016 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Copenhell 2016 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

@MetalMagicDK @UliJonRoth1 @scorpions @COPENHELL

Today is the first of three days of utter bliss for me. Luckily my jet lag should have me on a schedule which times fairly well with late night events.

Tonight I will see the Scorpions for the first time. Alice Cooper is also on today’s bill. I was a pretty big fan of the Scorpions in the late 70s and early 80s. “Taken by Force” is my favorite Scorpions album. Unfortunately, they will likely be mostly playing their hits and ballads from the late 80s and 90s, an era I’m not really interested in. In order to hear the songs performed live that I want to hear, I have to head over to the Metal Magic Festival in Fredericia, Denmark in a couple weeks to witness Uli Jon Roth, the Scorpions guitarist during their best era. He is far more likely to play songs like “The Sails of Charon”, “In Trance”, “Your Light”, “I’ve Got To Be Free”, and “We’ll Burn the Sky”.

That said, maybe the Scorpions will give us a treat and play “Born to Touch Your Feelings” tonight. Please. I do like some of the tunes they will play like “The Zoo”, “Coast to Coast”, “Blackout”, and “Dynamite”.

5 more weeks…

copenhagen denmark house blondes white fence

…and I’ll be boarding a plane for Denmark. Today’s photo comes from my first summer in Denmark, 2008.

100 days until…


Can’t wait to walk down my street in Copenhagen and into the front row of Copenhell to shoot Abbath again. Oh, and Black Sabbath, King Diamond, Amon Amarth, Dark Funeral, etc. will be there too.

Four months from today…

Black Sabbath @ Copenhell 2016 (June 25)

Black Sabbath @ Copenhell 2016 (June 25)

@OzzyOsbourne @BlackSabbath @COPENHELL

32 years ago (3/28/84 to be exact) I saw Ozzy Osbourne live for the first time. I was 15 years old. I was too young to drive. I walked 3 miles to the Bay Fair BART station to take BART to San Francisco (actually Daly City). There was no Cow Palace BART station so I walked another 3 miles on the other end to get to the show. Afterwards, I walked another 6 miles and took BART to get home. Since then I’ve seen Black Sabbath three times without nearly as much effort.

In four months (from today to be exact), I will see Black Sabbath for the last time. I will have a short walk from my apartment in Copenhagen, Denmark. Best of all, I won’t be far from the stage like all of the other times. This time I will have a photo pass and be right at the feet of Geezer, Ozzy, and Tony. Can’t wait…

Happy Birthday to Michael Poulsen!

volbeat Michael Schøn Poulsen

Volbeat’s Michael Poulsen


Mr. Poulsen turns 40 today. Today’s photo is from the Medford Armory show just under a year ago.


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