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Metal Monday

gina gleason baroness copenhell-denoise

Gina Gleason of Baroness @ 2017 Copenhell

@copenhell @YourBaroness

Gina is also in a project with Windhand’s vocalist Dorthia Cottrell. Check out the new song from Darling called “Baptists” here.

Metal Monday

helloween copenhell michael ingo joachim weiki weikath-denoise

Weiki of Helloween @ 2018 Copenhell

@helloweenorg @copenhell #copenhell2018 #michaelweikath

Happy birthday, Delila Paz!

Bell Bottoms

@COPENHELL #copenhell #copenhell2018 @TLImusic

Happy birthday, Scott Kelly!

Scott Kelly of Neurosis @ 2018 Copenhell

@OfficialNeurot @neurosisoakland @RelapseRecords @COPENHELL #copenhell #copenhell2018 @scottneurosis

Happy birthday, Anatoliy Hlodan!

carcass copenhell Anatoliy Hlodan topaz ai denoise

Anatoliy Hlodan shooting Carcass @ 2017 Copenhell

@CarcassBand @COPENHELL #copenhell #carcass