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Carlsberg district

Carlsberg District

Today’s photo comes from my neighborhood in Copenhagen in 2017. I would bike home from work via a different route each time so as to fully take in the neighborhood. The houses were lovely and the streets were fun for biking. I looked up the cost of houses on this particular street, and they started at about USD $4 million. I lived in an apartment on the other side of the church (The Jesus Church which was funded by Brewer Carl Jacobsen, co-founder of the Carlsberg Breweries) in today’s photo.

Metal Monday


@COPENHELL #copenhell #copenhell2017 @MetalMagicDK

Excited to see Slaegt again this summer (at least two times–Metal Magic and Brutal Assault). Hopefully they’ll get added to Copenhell and/or Gefle Metal Festival so I can see them three or four times.

Copenhell announces 2019 warm-up day acts

Ralf Gyllenhammar of Mustasch @ 2018 Copenhell

@COPENHELL #copenhell #copenhell2018 @Mustasch #copenhell2019

The good news is they did it a month earlier than last year. The bad news is that, unlike last year when I was super excited by Mustasch and Neurosis being on the bill, I’m unfamiliar with this year’s bands. They are: Eagles of Death Metal, Immolation (also at 2019 Brutal Assault Festival), 1000mods, and Like A Star. I can tell from just a brief listen that I’m not interested in Like A Star (so hopefully they will go on first or last), but now I have almost five months to get familiar with the other three.

Happy birthday, Al Barr!

al barr dropkick murphys copenhell

Al Barr of the Dropkick Murphys @ 2016 Copenhell

@COPENHELL @DropkickMurphys

Graveyard @ 2018 Copenhell

Joakim Nilsson of Graveyard @ 2018 Copenhell

@graveyard @nuclearblastusa @nuclearblasteu #graveyardpeace #graveyard @COPENHELL #copenhell #copenhell2018

Copenhagen City Hall from Christiansborg Slot

Copenhagen City Hall from Christiansborg Slot

#visitdenmark @VisitCopenhagen #Copenhagen #Denmark

Five months from today I’ll be back in my summer home, Copenhagen. This will be my sixth summer in Denmark and my fourth in a row.


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