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Tonight’s agenda

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Food in Italy

Prosciutto and cantaloupe

A little something from last summer today. The restaurant is called Osteria Quatro Pass and can be found in Varenna on Lake Como.


Happy birthday, Christian Giesler!


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Lake Como sunset

Lake Como sunset

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Brutal Assault announces 2019 schedule / running order

brutal assault 2019 running order

Time schedule for 2019 Brutal Assault Festival

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Tickets will sell out in the next 48 hours so get yours quick if you haven’t already.

With two or three stages going at once, there are some bands, that I’d really like to see, that I will have to miss all or part of their set. Those include: Meshuggah, Coven, Heilung, and Taake.

I’m torn on whether to see Zuriaake or Entropia. Also, Anthrax, Kampfar, and Windhand are at the same time so it looks like I’ll be missing Anthrax yet again. Cult of Luna or Kadavar? Rotting Christ, Tankard, or Antaeus???

STF af Chapman & Skeppsholmen

Boat hotel in Stockholm

Sleep on a 19th Century ship (af Chapman) in the Stockholm harbor? Yes, please. Unfortunately, it was booked so I stayed in the former army barracks next to the ship, now a hostel. That was the last time I will stay in a hostel. I’m way too old for that, but the views were amazing.

Fun fact, this ship’s maiden voyage (1888) went from England to Portland, Oregon.


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