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Metal Monday

Mgła @ 2019 Brutal Assault

#Mgła #brutalassault #brutalassault2019

Guanajuato mailman

Guanajuato mailman mexico

#cartero #mexico

Nikon deals

nikon d750 z50 compare size weight

I’m not sure how long these deals will last, but the Nikon D750 and Nikkor 24-120mm f/4G lens (my favorite combination in most settings and the combo that has taken most of the photos on this site for the past few years) is now available for the first time for under $1,500 here. I paid over $3,000 for this package, and the last time I mentioned a price cut for this duo it was to over $2,200. Under $1,500 is an incredible deal.

I’m getting old, have a bad back, and my wrists frequently hurt so I’m thinking about a Z50 for certain situations. With two lenses that camera can be had for under $1,200. Should I go for it?

Metal Monday

Entropia @ 2019 Brutal Assault on the Obscure Stage

#brutalassault #brutalassault2019 #entropia

Today’s photo features one of the many bands I would have never discovered had they not happened to be playing at a festival I was going to. When unknown-to-me bands get announced at a festival I’m going to I typically add a few of their songs to my phone. If I don’t like those songs I delete them and skip the band at the festival. That was not the case with Entropia. Just the opposite happened. Each time one of their songs came on I was like, “Who is this?!?!” Amazing stuff. For fans of Pelican, Russian Circles, or heavy psychedelic music. Highly recommended with quality, noise-cancelling headphones on after your favorite intoxicant has kicked in.

Sadly, at 2019 Brutal Assault, they were on at the same time as Zuriaake and Heilung so I was unable to see the full set of any of those three bands.

Happy birthday, Dave “Old School” Matrise!

Dave Matrise jungle rot brutal assault

Dave Matrise of Jungle Rot @ 2019 Brutal Assault


Throwback Thursday

No grapes (or leaves) on the vines

Almost three years ago, today’s photo happened.

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