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Nazis and such

Nazi Olympic Bell

Having recently spent four days in Germany, it seems odd to find myself back in the USA with a bunch of Nazi stuff happening here. While Trump does all that he can to defend the alt-right, free speech for hate groups, and other such nonsense, Germany has actually banned free speech and symbols when it comes to Nazis, etc.

Today’s photo is a rare exception. This is a symbol on the bell that Hitler had crafted for the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin. While the swastika, Nazi salutes, etc. are banned in Germany, this image on the bell at Olympic Stadium has been allowed to exist. (There are actually two swastikas on the bell as well, something I never saw in Berlin.)

A couple weeks after I was in Berlin a couple of Chinese tourists did a Nazi salute, for a photo, and were promptly arrested. They had to pay a huge fine before being released. It’s strange to say, but maybe the USA should follow the lead of Germany in banning hate speech at some point.

Reichstag dome

Reichstag dome

@slowberlin #Berlin

Kids diving at Olympic Swim Stadium

Olympiapark Schwimmstadion Berlin Olympic Swim Stadium

Berlin Olympic Swim Stadium

@BerlinTourism @I_love_Berlin @slowberlin

Seeing so many people enjoying an Olympic facility on a hot, summer day brought a smile to my face. This was the aquatics venue (located in Berlin, Germany) constructed for the 1936 Summer Olympics.

Nervosa @ Sage Club (Berlin, Germany)

sage club berlin nervosa Fernanda Lira

Fernanda Lira

@nervosathrash @NapalmRecords

I accidentally got double booked for Thursday evening in Berlin. The good news was Nervosa went on after Marillion and Berlin’s public transportation is rather efficient. So after Marillion I jumped on the U to go see Nervosa at Sage Club, the first live venue I’ve been to that features a fire-breathing dragon. The place was a trip. Check it out even if Nervosa isn’t playing the next time you are in Berlin.

Nervosa was as awesome as ever. I’ve now seen them in three different countries. More photos of them on this evening and at Gefle Metal Festival will be posted here soon.

sage club berlin nervosa

Nervosa @ Sage Club (July 20, 2017)

sage club berlin nervosa Prika Amaral

Prika Amaral

sage club berlin nervosa Luana Dametto

Luana Dametto

Marillion in Berlin

berlin marillion

Marillion in Berlin, Germany @ Huxley’s Neue Welt (July 20, 2017)

@MarillionOnline @markke11y @fuelandseed

Thanks to a friend giving me a Marillion CD about 13 years ago, my first night in Berlin was spectacular this past weekend. My plane from Copenhagen was delayed by more than an hour which led to lots of stress (not to mention sweat, as Germany is far warmer and humid than Scandinavia). However, I made it to the photo pit with at least 15 seconds (but not 30) to spare before Marillion hit the stage.

The setlist consisted mostly of their new album, FEAR, in its entirety. I didn’t get to hear anything off of Marbles (the CD my friend gave me) or my favorite song (When I Meet God), but the evening was wonderful.

This was my first time seeing Marillion. They are from England but have played more shows in Germany than in the USA. Hence, I was very lucky they were playing in Berlin on one of the three nights I was there.

berlin marillion Steve Rothery Pete Trewavas

Pete Trewavas

germany fear tour berlin marillion Ian Mosley

Ian Mosley

berlin marillion Steve Rothery

Steve Rothery

berlin marillion Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly

berlin marillion Steve Hogarth

Steve Hogarth


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