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Ages of Life Fountain (Berlin)

Ages of Life Fountain

The Lebensalterbrunnen is on the south side of the Wittenbergplatz Station in Berlin. Waldemar Grzimek created this fountain in the early 1980s.

Black wings man

Take the U-Bahn or fly?

@Berlin_de_News @CSD_Berlin

I thought the number of gay people on the plane from Copenhagen to Berlin this past July was far more than typical. I didn’t realize until I’d been in Berlin for a couple days that it was Gay Pride weekend. In Berlin they call it Christopher Street Day (CSD). About a half million people turned out for the parade. This guy was an hour or so early.

Sunset from the Reichstag building roof

Sunset from the Reichstag building roof

Skywatch from Reichstag

reichstag roof clouds berlin

View from Reichstag roof (Berlin, Germany)


ackerstrabe berlin wall memorial gedenkstatte berliner mauer

Ackerstraße (Berlin Wall Memorial)

The Berlin Wall ran along Bernauer Straße and closed Ackerstraße at the corner when it was built in 1961. The official demolition of the border fortifications began in June 1990 at the corner of Bernauer Straße and Ackerstraße.

Nazis and such

Nazi Olympic Bell

Having recently spent four days in Germany, it seems odd to find myself back in the USA with a bunch of Nazi stuff happening here. While Trump does all that he can to defend the alt-right, free speech for hate groups, and other such nonsense, Germany has actually banned free speech and symbols when it comes to Nazis, etc.

Today’s photo is a rare exception. This is a symbol on the bell that Hitler had crafted for the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin. While the swastika, Nazi salutes, etc. are banned in Germany, this image on the bell at Olympic Stadium has been allowed to exist. (There are actually two swastikas on the bell as well, something I never saw elsewhere in Berlin.)

A couple weeks after I was in Berlin, Chinese tourists did a Nazi salute, for a photo, and were promptly arrested. They had to pay a huge fine before being released. It’s strange to say, but maybe the USA should follow the lead of Germany in banning hate speech at some point.


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