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Vatnajökull Glacier

Vatnajökull Glacier

Sunday morning viking


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This Leif Erikson on the bow of a viking ship statue can be found in Iceland. Fun fact: The sculpture came before the church (Hallgrímskirkja). Another fun fact: The church is somewhat similar to another church (Grundtvig’s Church–completed 5 years before construction began on Hallgrímskirkja) I visited on the same trip in Copenhagen.

Ramen Momo

Ramen Momo

Ramen in Iceland? The thought (and the high reviews on TripAdvisor) caused my mouth to water. However, I did not enjoy my bowl, even though I was very hungry. The few poor reviews seem to be on the tonkotsu side (which is also what I ordered) so maybe go for the miso variety if you eat here.

Gullfoss revisited


No Iceland for me this year, but it looks like we may visit the Italian and Swiss Alps for the first time. Any suggestions for things not to miss between Milan and Zurich?

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Iceland's Blue Lagoon

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I arrived at the Blue Lagoon shortly after it opened which was awesome because hardly anyone was there, unlike the normal crowds. However, the sky was overcast and the “blue” lagoon was actually quite gray. Today’s photo comes from a couple hours later when I was about to leave. The waters were far more crowded, but the sun began to peak through the clouds and turn the lagoon blue.

Exactly half a year ago

Bend in the steaming hot river

One of the most wondrous mornings of my existence.


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