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Waterfall Wednesday

bruarfoss waterfall iceland

Bruarfoss (Iceland)

Bruarfoss may be the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen. Sure, there are plenty of longer and/or wider falls. Bruarfoss doesn’t even show up on most top ten lists for Iceland’s waterfalls, but two things made Bruarfoss extra special.

The first is (obviously) the color. I haven’t photoshopped this photo. Those blue and turquoise colors are what you actually see when the sun is out. The second is I was the only one there. Hard to believe, given the beauty of this place, but I was there before 10 in the morning, and this waterfall is hard to find.

Some new houses have been built in the area making access difficult. The Google maps location was incorrect (but maybe that has been fixed?). I walked quite a distance before finding it. I never did find the Bruarfoss Waterfall Access Bridge, and photos on the internet indicate the bridge has been closed. Good luck!


3-photo photomerge iceland kerid

Kerið (Iceland)

Two reasons to get to Kerid early in the morning: owners of the parking lot aren’t there yet to charge you to see it and, more importantly, nobody else is there.

Faxi rainbow

faxi waterfall iceland vatnsleysufoss

Rainbow coming off Vatnsleysufoss (AKA Faxi)

Waterfall Wednesday

waterfall iceland near gluggafoss merkjarfoss

waterfall near Gluggafoss

One month ago…

Hveragerdi Hot Spring River Trail Reykjadalur

Hveragerdi Hot Spring River (Iceland)

Iceland has become a rather popular destination, in part because Iceland Air and Wow Air have made it inexpensive to get there. The airport isn’t that large so flights are round the clock.

My flight arrived at midnight. I picked up a rental car and drove an hour and a half to the Reykjadalur trailhead. By this time (2 a.m.) I was pretty tired so I slept until 4:30 in the car. It was beginning to get light, and I wanted to get to the hot spring river before the crowds arrived, so I set off on the hike. I arrived for my 100 degree morning bath (pictured above) when no one else was there. A perfect way to start my first morning back in Iceland! I didn’t see a single person the entire time.

The other reason to arrive early (besides avoiding the masses) is to avoid the bugs. There were no bugs on my way to the hot springs, but the bugs were waking up (with the higher temperatures) on my descent back to my car.

Thor Wrestling With Age

thor wrestling with age iceland elli og por

Einar Jonsson’s Thor Wrestling With Age (Elli og Þór) Reykjavik, Iceland


If you ever find yourself in Reykjavik, chances are pretty good that you will experience rain. Reykjavik averages over 3 inches of rain per month, nearly every month of the year. There isn’t really a dry season.

The Einar Jonsson Museum is a great place to escape the rain. The indoor portion costs about $10, but the outdoor sculpture park and Einar Jonsson statue walk are both free. They look better in the rain actually.


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