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Nice tributes to Vinnie Paul @ Copenhell today

Vincent Paul Abbott hellyeah pantera damageplan medford armory

Vinnie Paul

I was never a fan of any of the bands Vinnie Paul was in before he died yesterday, but from some of the tributes paid to him today (by Steel Panther and Satyricon for example), it sounds like he was a great guy who will be missed.

Graduation day

We are up in Eugene to celebrate my son’s graduation from college today. My house-divided kids put aside their partisan differences for this photo op. Actually, they are not the least bit divided or partisan, even though they go to rival schools (Ellie is a beaver).

Sunset in Yachats

Sunset in Yachats

Bald Eagle

Southern Oregon bald eagle

Happy 116th birthday, Crater Lake National Park!

After the storm, before the sunset

@southernoregon #CraterLake @CraterLakeNPS @TravelOregon

Of course Crater Lake is over 6,000 years old, but today was the day Teddy Roosevelt made it the 5th national park in the country.

Highway 101

Bend in the road

Not the fastest freeway in the land, but those views…


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