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Breakfast in Prague

Cafe Savoy breakfast in Prague, Czech Republic

@VisitCZ #VisitCZ @TasteofPrague

One of the (many) things I love about Prague is the food. Not only is it inexpensive (I never paid more than $10), but it’s delicious. I didn’t have a lousy, or even mediocre, meal the entire time I was there. Today’s photo is from Café Savoy, a 100+ year old restaurant with a classy decor and excellent food.

Tip if you are visiting Prague… as you get farther from Old Town Square the prices decrease and the quality increases. Some other favorite locations to eat in Prague include:
Pizzeria Kmotra
Papi Oliver
Gourmet Pauza
Pivovar Národní

One week ago…

Charles Bridge Blue Hour

Last year I packed my tripod to Denmark and never used it. This year I packed it again and didn’t use it until my final night in Prague.

Iceland tonight, Prague was awesome (again)

City of a Hundred Spires

#VisitCZ @VisitCZ

Three days in a rental car once I arrive in Iceland at midnight. Hot springs, waterfalls, beaches, more Puffins, it will be awesome.

Wallenstein Garden peacock

Wallenstein Garden peacock

Slade UK in Praha

slade uk prague

Slade UK poster on the streets of Prague

Today’s photo is my random, desktop image. I took this on the way back to my Airbnb one night last summer. Slade UK isn’t the real Slade. They are a cover band. I saw the real Slade back in early 1984. They opened for Ozzy at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. The crowd did not like them. They got booed off the stage, and the band took a lot of abuse from the audience. I remember a roll of toilet paper hitting one of the members in the head.

That was the very last time Slade played with all of the original members. Wikipedia describes it as a “warm-up gig”, and says Jim Lea “collapsed in the dressing room” and was “diagnosed with Hepatitis C”.



@VisitCZ #náplavka

You aren’t likely to find this part of Prague in any guide books, yet it was one of my favorites. The guy who lent me his place on Airbnb told me about it as a great place for night life. He wasn’t kidding. There were no other tourists that I could see along my Naplavka walk, a stark difference from the thousands milling around the Charles Bridge and Old Town.

What other places do you know in Prague that are really cool and virtually tourist free?


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