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Old Town Square

Old Town Square

@VisitCZ #VisitCZ

Less than four months and I’ll be returning to Prague. Can’t wait.

Church of Saint Ludmila

Church of Saint Ludmila

I’m looking forward to heading back to Prague this summer.

Iceland is also on my itinerary. Anyone have experience in Iceland? I have two short trips there on my way in and out of Europe. I figure I’ll hang out in Reykjavik on my way in and get away from Reykjavik via a rental car on my way out (two nights). I won’t have time to go all the way around which takes a week or more. So which way should I head–north or south? Any must sees?


prague river sunset

Prague sunset

The Vltava is the longest river in the Czech Republic and the heart of Prague. On summer evenings it’s a lovely place to be to watch the sunset with the Bohemian backdrop. On my first couple days in Prague I thought the spectacular building in the background was the castle. It wasn’t until I went over the river on my last full day that I realized it is actually St. Vitus Cathedral. I’m looking forward to going back to Prague this summer.

Top photos of 2016

Laguna Beach sunset

According to Flickr “favorites” these were my top five travel photos of 2016. Not all of the photos were taken in 2016; rather, these are the photos most “favorited” in 2016.

Denver rainbow

Prague sunset

Bamboo Stairway to Heaven

Blue BBC

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Old Town Square


The statue on the left is the Jan Hus Memorial, and the medieval steeples on the right belong to the Church of Our Lady before Týn. If I make it back to Prague in 2017 I will have a different game plan to deal with the crowds.

St. Vitus Cathedral


St. Vitus Cathedral (Prague, Czech Republic)

The more I think about it, the more I realize my weekend in Prague last summer was not enough. Even though there are a million other places I’d like to visit, that I’ve never been to before, I’m feeling like I may end up back in Prague for a weekend next summer.


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