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Sleeping Swans and the Dancing House

Dancing House and the Sleeping Swans


Franz Kafka in Prague

My random, desktop image of the day was this one of David Cerny’s moving Franz Kafka head in Prague. To see the head in action check out this video (near the 15 minute mark). The entire video is pretty cool though.

Prague fireworks

Prague fireworks

#prague @VisitCZ #fireworks #VisitCZ

My random, desktop image of the day is this one from my first night in Prague last year. I wasn’t expecting fireworks, like most of the surprises I found in this great place.

Interior Ceiling of Prague’s Spanish Synagogue

spanish jewish synagogue prague

The Spanish Synagogue is the most recent synagogue in the Prague Jewish Town.

I saw a photo of this before going back to Prague and knew I had to see it. It’s even more amazing in person.

I was initially put off by the long line to buy tickets. Turns out, you don’t need a ticket unless you want a tour. So just walk past the line and on in to avoid the wait and to keep 500 CZK in your pocket.

Morning on the Charles Bridge

charles bridge chinese bride prague

Chinese bride on Prague’s Charles Bridge in the morning

As I mentioned a while ago, I had a new plan for avoiding crowds in Prague on my second trip there. The plan was to get up early and visit the crowded areas before the crowds. So on my first morning in Prague I woke up before 6 and headed to Old Town Square and then the Charles Bridge.

Apparently there are very different crowds at this time of the morning. Basically, you will now find Chinese brides and Chinese couples in wedding attire getting their photos taken. I counted at least 10 such groups (maybe even 15) on this morning. They were only mildly annoying compared to the hundreds of selfie sticks you will find in the afternoons.

Breakfast in Prague

Cafe Savoy breakfast in Prague, Czech Republic

@VisitCZ #VisitCZ @TasteofPrague

One of the (many) things I love about Prague is the food. Not only is it inexpensive (I never paid more than $10), but it’s delicious. I didn’t have a lousy, or even mediocre, meal the entire time I was there. Today’s photo is from Café Savoy, a 100+ year old restaurant with a classy decor and excellent food.

Tip if you are visiting Prague… as you get farther from Old Town Square the prices decrease and the quality increases. Some other favorite locations to eat in Prague include:
Pizzeria Kmotra
Papi Oliver
Gourmet Pauza
Pivovar Národní


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