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View out the train window in Sachseln, Switzerland

Sachseln, Switzerland

Today’s photo is from last year when we traveled from Mürren to Lucerne.

Child’s Play

Playground with a view

Not in Kansas Anymore

Plate Tectonics

#Switzerland #Alps #landscape

Town with a view


#Mürren #Switzerland @Murrenlover #Alps #landscape

Chapel Bridge


#Kapellbrücke #switzerland #luzern

The oldest (14th Century) surviving truss bridge in the world, consisting of strutted and triangulated trusses of moderate span, supported on piled trestles, Kapellbrücke is a covered wooden footbridge diagonally spanning the River Reuss in Luzern, Switzerland.

Tennis anyone?

switzerland murren tennis court

switzerland murren tennis court

#Mürren #Switzerland @Murrenlover #Alps #tennis

If you usually have trouble beating your easily-distracted tennis opponent then you should bring them here for your next match.