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Hiking the Swiss Alps

North Face Trail

Today’s photo comes from three weeks ago today. It was our last full day in the Swiss Alps so we tried to make the most of it by doing not one but two hikes. The first was the Mountain View Trail–awesome hike, be sure to start at the top of the Allmendhubel (Standseilbahn) funicular and end at the Grütschalp station. Those going the other way (Grütschalp to Allmendhubel) didn’t look too happy (as it’s mostly uphill in that direction).

We were beat after that but thought we’d be good to go on another hike if we rested in the Alpine Spa (Alpines Sportzentrum Mürren). After a soak we went to Gimmelwald on the gondola to hike to the Sprutz Waterfall, supposedly an “easy” 30-minute walk. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if it was our first hike of the day, but it’s straight up for more than 30 minutes followed by another 15 of up and down to get to the waterfall.

Everyone we passed along the way were coming in the opposite direction from the North Face Trail and recommended the North Face Trail. After the waterfall we took the North Face Trail back to Mürren from which this photo was taken. The North Face Trail (like the Mountain View Trail and Bluemental Panaroma Trail) was excellent and not to be missed. Be careful if you plan to eat at the restaurant along the way (Pension Spielbodenalp) as it may not be open. For us, Pension Spielbodenalp was closed, even before 5 p.m. on a Tuesday.

Swiss Alps in the moonlight

Full moon rising over the Swiss Alps

@HotelEdelweissM #Mürren

I’m not very good at sleeping. So when a full moon rose over the mountains out my hotel room window I figured my time was better spent trying to set up my camera for this shot than laying in bed trying to get back to sleep. This was the view from the bed though.

More cowbell!

More Cowbell!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cowbell used as a cow bell before going to Switzerland last week. They are all over the place making quite a symphony both in farming towns and the alps.

I wanted to capture the cowbells’ sound which is relatively hard to do with still photography. So I took my first video in years below. Forgive the sloppiness as my video settings were off on several issues (focusing, wind sound reduction, etc.)

Sights and sounds on the Mountain View Trail out of Murren, Switzerland

After shooting the above one of the cows got a bit testy with me. She could have easily killed me, but chose not to, for which I am grateful.

Tschingelhorn, Tschingelspitz, and Gspaltenhorn from Schilthorn

Tschingelhorn, Tschingelspitz, and Gspaltenhorn from Schilthorn


The Swiss Alps were even better than expected. Our base was Mürren for three nights, and that was an awesome location to begin exploring. We took numerous hikes, but today’s photo comes from Schilthorn, 9,744 feet above sea level. This height was made all the more impressive as we were flying home and our plane’s altitude was at 9,000 feet. No details could be made out on the ground far, far below.

First (of many) photos from Switzerland

Birg, Switzerland


Today we are leaving Mürren and heading to Lucerne (Luzern) for our last day in Europe. I’ve been here for over six weeks. Hopefully Ashland‘s smoke won’t be so bad by the time we return.

Today’s photo comes from Birg, a short gondola cableway from Mürren, at 8,783 feet in the Swiss Alps.


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