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A little something from a cove on the Oregon Coast between The Inn at Arch Rock and Tidal Raves in Depoe Bay, Oregon. I’ll post a much wider view of the location one of these days. Beautiful place.

Thanksgiving in Newport

Thanksgiving birds

We’ve spent the last few days in Newport on the Oregon Coast, enjoying blue skies and cold temperatures. Today the skies are cloudy and the temperatures remain cold.

We are going to have to find a place to watch the Civil War (Ducks vs. Beavers) this afternoon as our Airbnb doesn’t get the Pac-12 Network.

Guanajuato mailman

Guanajuato mailman mexico

#cartero #mexico

Nikon deals

nikon d750 z50 compare size weight

I’m not sure how long these deals will last, but the Nikon D750 and Nikkor 24-120mm f/4G lens (my favorite combination in most settings and the combo that has taken most of the photos on this site for the past few years) is now available for the first time for under $1,500 here. I paid over $3,000 for this package, and the last time I mentioned a price cut for this duo it was to over $2,200. Under $1,500 is an incredible deal.

I’m getting old, have a bad back, and my wrists frequently hurt so I’m thinking about a Z50 for certain situations. With two lenses that camera can be had for under $1,200. Should I go for it?

Happy birthday, Satyr!


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Happy birthday, King ov Hell!

King ov Hell


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