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Happy birthday, Takashi Nagao!

takashi nagao gefle metal festival

One year ago today…

prague tower

Prague from the Old Town Hall Tower

Estonian Open Air Museum

Estonian Open Air Museum


A year ago I rode a bike around this place (Eesti VabaƵhumuuseum) and had an enjoyable time doing so. I really love open-air museums of this type. Are there any in the USA? I don’t know. I’ve been to them in Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and now Estonia. Highly recommended. Make sure to rent the bike. I saw everything. Had I walked I don’t think I would have seen more than 1/4 of the place.


Midnight in Iceland

Metal Monday

Flotsam and Jetsam @ 2019 Gefle Metal Festival


One year and one day ago, this happened.

One year ago…

ministry al jourgensen gefle metal festival-denoise

Ministry’s Al Jourgensen @ 2019 Gefle Metal Festival

@WeAreMinistry #aljourgensen #ministry #GefleMetalFestival