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Happy birthday, Jinx Dawson!

Jinx Dawson coven brutal assault topaz denoise ai-clear

Jinx Dawson of Coven @ 2019 Brutal Assault

#brutalAssault2019 #brutalassault #TDIM @JinxofCoven

Jinx, the inventor of 🤘 as it applies to heavy music, looks 20 years younger than me even though she is almost 20 years older. Time for me to start bathing in the blood of virgins. 😜

Metal Monday

Eric Peterson testament brutal assault topaz denoise ai-low-light

Eric Peterson of Testament @ 2019 Brutal Assault

@testament @nuclearblastusa @nuclearblasteu @_ericpeterson_

Hoping to see Testament in 2021 at MetalDays Festival.


Mount Esja (Iceland)

My first stop, after picking up my campervan near the airport on my way to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and Westfjords, was this one. I had planned to do a hike of just under 5 miles. Alas, my back was killing me so I ended up walking just a couple hundred yards instead. The views were spectacular, but I would love to be able to do the entire hike someday.

Happy birthday, Scarlet Hunts!


Metal Monday

Shadow Storm @ 2019 Metal Magic

Dyrafjordur Fjord

Dyrafjordur Fjord