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Happy birthday, Trent Reznor!

Nine Inch Nails @ 2018 Roskilde Festival

@trent_reznor #rf18 @orangefeeling @nineinchnails

Trent gave the induction speech for The Cure at this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. Last year he did Roskilde. This year The Cure will. Circle of life or something…

Departure for Europe in one month

St. Paul's Church

@GoVisitDenmark #visitdenmark @VisitCopenhagen #Copenhagen #Denmark #nyboder

I won’t arrive in Copenhagen until June 19 as I’m going to spend a few nights in a sleeper van in Iceland on my way in.

Today’s photo, from Copenhagen, is of my neighborhood last summer in Nyboder. Keeping with tradition, and my need for continuous adventure, I’m staying in a neighborhood I have never lived in before (bringing the total up to six). In 2019 I will be west of Copenhagen Business School for the first time. It won’t top Nyboder, what could?, but I will be close to my job, and I won’t have to spend a fortune on housing.

This is St. Paul’s Church (Sankt Pauls Kirke), AKA Nyboder’s Church. I spent many an evening strolling around, or just sitting on a bench admiring, it and the neighborhood, occasionally meeting and chatting with my Danish neighbors.

View from Castle Vezio hike

Lake Como (Italy) from Castle Vezio hike

Should you ever find yourself in the town of Varenna on Lake Como, there is a short, strenuous, and rewarding hike–pretty much straight uphill–to Castle Vezio. Today’s photo shows the scene from part of that walk.

Hotel Excelsior Splendide interior (Bellagio, Italy)


#bellagio #italy #lakecomo @lovelakecomo

Carnival from hell

Reach for the sky

@redbull #GivesYouWings @copenhell #siteshows #sunset #twilight

Not really. Copenhell is more like a… OK maybe carnival from hell does make sense. But with Mother Nature and Red Bull on board, it’s a lovely thing.

Child’s Play

Playground with a view

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