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Happy birthday to Vincent Damon Furnier today

Vincent Damon Furnier alice cooper 2011

Vincent Damon Furnier (AKA Alice Cooper) at the Getaway Rock Festival 2011

School’s out for summer…

damon johnson alice cooper grf getaway rock festival

Damon Johnson playing a Gibson SG (mahogany with cherry finish) for Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper (part 3)

Alice Cooper gavle sweden

Alice Cooper in a storm of confetti

Alice Cooper has turned over members of his band over the past 40+ years like few others. The guitarist to the far right in the above photo is Steve Hunter, who was one (of many) on guitar for perhaps Alice’s best record, “Billion Dollar Babies.”

Tommy Henriksen alice cooper guitarist

Tommy Henriksen plays guitar for Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper at getaway rock festival

Alice Cooper at Getaway Rock Festival 2011

Alice Cooper @ GRF (part 2)

alice cooper 2011

Alice Cooper

When I first saw Alice Cooper live, back in 1987, I wasn’t very familiar with his music. Sure I had heard “I’m Eighteen” and “School’s Out” on the radio growing up, but I didn’t own any of his albums. It was beginning in 1987 that I really got into his early material. I even ended up enjoying his early 80s material (which most people don’t) like “Special Forces,” “Dada,” and “Zipper Catches Skin” (although I haven’t heard them in ages now as they only recently came out on CD). However, nothing he has recorded after 1983 has been the least bit interesting to me.

I barely stomached “Brutal Planet,” “Hey Stoopid,” and “I’ll Bite Your Face Off” at GRF, but after “Cold Ethyl” I sensed a run on annoying songs would be coming so I went to a different stage to watch Marduk instead. I, therefore, missed a bunch of (stupid IMO) songs before coming back out (as the building Marduk was playing in was far too hot to stay for their whole set) for “I Love the Dead,” “School’s Out,” and “Elected.” Maybe I’m the only one who would prefer “Steven,” “Ballad Of Dwight Fry,” and “Black Juju” over “Feed My Frankenstein,” “Poison,” and “Hey Stoopid,” but that’s just my taste.

Damon Johnson

Damon Johnson plays guitar for Alice Cooper

alice cooper live concert

Alice Cooper - Getaway Rock Festival 2011

Alice Cooper at Getaway Rock Festival 2011 (part 1 of at least 3)

chuck garric alice cooper getaway rock festival

Alice Cooper performs "The Black Widow" in Gävle, Sweden with Chuck Garric on bass

More than 24 years separated the last time I saw Alice Cooper and his performance last month at GRF. Not much changed in his performance during those years, which is a good thing. The songs were mostly the same. The band was entirely different. Best of all, his enthusiasm and stage presence are still fantastic. After doing virtually the same act for decades on end, perhaps thousands of times, you’d think it would show. It doesn’t. There is still tons of energy and excitement in this sixty-something year old.

swedish alice cooper crowd

Fans of Alice Cooper at GRF 2011 in Gävle, Sweden

When performing in the US, Alice comes out with a flag of the USA during “Elected.” In Sweden he came out with a flag of Sweden, changed the lyrics a bit, and had the crowd ready to have him take political command of Stockholm by the end.

alice cooper grf 2001

Alice Coooper "Elected" King of Sweden

I walked back to my hotel at 1 a.m. next to a guy holding the remains of the giant, pink ball/balloon.

Why does Alice have three guitarists in addition to a bassist? I don’t know. Go ask Alice.

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