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Tivoli from the air

Tivoli from Copenhagen City Hall Clock Tower

Tivoli from Copenhagen City Hall Clock Tower

Another photo today from Copenhagen’s City Hall Clock Tower.

Gondola Sky Shuttle (ゴンドラスカイシャトル)

yomiuriland Gondola Sky Shuttle

View entering Yomiuriland (よみうりランド) from the Gondola Sky Shuttle

Skycycle Ride at Arakawa Amusement Park (あらかわ遊園)

Arakawa Amusement Park あらかわ遊園 tokyo with kids what to do

If you are looking for an inexpensive activity with kids in Tokyo, Arakawa Amusement Park is the place for you. Way cheaper than Tokyo Disneyland, and with ride lines that are tiny by comparison, you’ll still get that Japanese amusement park experience without breaking the bank and wasting most of your day in endless queues. One of the funnest things is getting there as you can take the old Tokyo street car line (Tokyo Toden Arakawa Line). Avoid Sundays (and Saturdays but to a lesser extent) for best results.

Yomiuriland roller coaster

bandit roller coaster ryan yomiuriland

Today’s photo of Ryan was my view as the Japanese ride operators waived goodbye to us on the Bandit Roller Coaster at Yomiuri Land. Moments later we could see all of Tokyo before plunging into the abyss.

Yomiuri Land’s Wave Swinger

Ellie on the swing ride at Yomiuri Land (よみうりランド)

In posting this photo I looked up the name of the swing ride at Yomiuri Land. Turns out the name is Wave Swinger (ウェーブスウィンガー) which is a bit of a pun I suppose since Ellie is waving while swinging.

Yomiuri Land (よみうりランド)

Yomiuri Land (よみうりランド)

Yomiuri Land (よみうりランド)

This will likely be my last blog entry for a few days and my last one on Japan for about a couple months. Well, maybe I will sneak one or two in about Japan, but, for the most part, this blog will change gears to Scandinavia until sometime in August when your regularly scheduled Japan stuff will return.

I board a plane tomorrow morning for Copenhagen. I’ll be in that region until July 31. I will for sure be going to Amsterdam (at the end of my travels), Sweden, and Norway. I hope to squeeze in a few days in Germany too, but that depends on whether Mastodon secures me a press pass to their performance at the Roskilde Festival or not. Not and I go to Germany. Yes and I go to the Roskilde Festival instead. I already have a press photo pass for the Getaway Rock Festival in Gävle, Sweden so that should be a blast. Count on some up-close photos of Death Angel and Opeth with my Nikon D7000.

Today’s photo, by the way, is from Yomiuri Land (よみうりランド) in Tokyo.

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