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Metal Monday

Arch Enemy's Alissa White-Gluz @ Gefle Metal Festival

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Unfortunately, there will be no Gefle Metal Festival for me this year. It falls on the same weekend as Metal Magic, which I will be attending. I’ll be seeing Arch Enemy again, though, at Copenhell a few weeks before.

2018 Copenhell lineup begins to take shape

Arch Enemy @ Gefle Metal Festival

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Bands I’m really looking forward to:
Ozzy Osbourne

Bands I’ll watch:
Arch Enemy

Bands I need to look into:
Zeal & Ardor

Bands I will skip:
Parkway Drive
Asking Alexandria
While She Sleeps

So far they have picked four off of my wish list.

Arch Enemy @ Loud Park 2009

angela gassow arch enemy Christopher Amott

Arch Enemy’s appearance at Loud Park was one of the main reasons I wanted to attend. I have previously seen many “similar” Swedish bands like Opeth (four times), Amon Amarth, and Dark Tranquility (twice). But Arch Enemy is one of the few bands from Sweden that I like who I hadn’t had a chance to see, until now.

arch enemy loud park 09 tokyo japan

Due to hunger (as I had to grab something to eat before they began), and tiredness, I didn’t have a great spot to view them. The photos came out rather well zoomed up at 17X as their lighting was better than it was for some other acts at Loud Park. The sound wasn’t good though. Indoor arenas are not ideal for sound quality. If you aren’t standing near the mixing board the music isn’t clear.

Christopher Amott Michael Amott arch enemy guitarists loud park tokyo japan 2009

Another photo of Arch Enemy from Loud Park 09 can be seen in this blog entry.

The set list was something like:
Bury Me an Angel
Revolution Begins
The Immortal
Beast of Man
Snow Bound
The Last Enemy
I Will Live Again
Demonic Science
Bridge of Destiny
Fields of Desolation

loud park 2009 chiba tokyo japan arch enemy angela gossow

Angela Gossow is the lead singer for Arch Enemy. She spoke, in English, between a few songs and could barely breathe. She was quite winded from sprinting around the stage and her “growling” vocal style.

Christopher Amott arch enemy angela gossow アンジェラ・ゴソウ female singer vocalist

This video didn’t come out great, but here is a brief taste of part of Arch Enemy’s “Ravenous.” I apologize for the short length and incomplete song, but my SD chip filled up with this video.