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The Birth of Sake

aiff 2016 al case varsity the birth of sake

Award Winning “The Birth of Sake” at the 2016 Ashland Independent Film Festival

@ashlandfilm #AIFF2016 @BirthofSake #TheBirthofSakePBS

One of my favorite films from the 2016 Ashland Independent Film Festival, The Birth of Sake, is showing on PBS over the next few days. See the trailer and check your local listings here.


AIFF 2015 Al Case Varsity 4 -1287 director Ian Thomas Ash

-1287’s Ian Thomas Ash

#AIFF15 @ashlandfilm @minus1287

AIFF 2015 Al Case Varsity 4 -1287

-1287 @ 2015 AIFF

Kasamayaki (笠間焼)

AIFF 2015 Al Case Kasamayaki Yuki Kokubo

Yuki Kokubo talking about Kasamayaki

@yukikokubo #AIFF15 @ashlandfilm

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