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2014 International Show

international show sou 2013 yosakoi

SOU International Show (Yosakoi dance)

I don’t think a date for this year’s International Show has been officially announced, but I’m guessing it will be May 1, 2014.

Lucy Walker

AIFF-2013 Al Case Crash Reel Lucy Walker

Lucy Walker discussing “Crash Reel” @ AIFF 2013

There will be no Lucy Walker (@lucywalkerfilm) at this year’s Ashland Independent Film Festival, but we will have Ty Burrell and some fantastic films come to town in a couple weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing Lucy Walker’s short “The Lion’s Mouth Opens” at the 2014 AIFF.

Japanese dress

takumi international week sou parade

SOU’s International Parade during International Week

I didn’t take today’s photo in Japan. I took it more than two years ago in Ashland, Oregon. I went out for this bowl of ramen with this guy just a few weeks ago in Tokyo though.


yasakoi sou oregon international show dance japan erika matsui yosakoi

Another photo today from the Yosakoi dance at the recent International Show at SOU.


Next month I will be in…

south korea people's republic SOU ISA international show 2013 nanta

Today’s photos are from Thursday night’s International Show at Southern Oregon University.

south korea people's republic SOU ISA international show 2013


Yosakoi (よさこい) @ Southern Oregon University’s ISA International Show 2013

SOU ISA international show 2013 tomoya honda mika ishizawa tsubasa masumura erika matsui chikako miki sotaro miki mai minami masaya moriyama hisato nambara kaede okawa madoka sito risa skuraba yusuke urata eri yamaguchi natsumi yamamoto sachi yoneyama

Yosakoi (よさこい)

Last night was the annual International Show held during International Week on the SOU campus. Many of the Japanese students currently studying at SOU performed a Yosakoi dance routine.

Yosakoi よさこい SOU ISA international show 2013

More photos from the evening can be found here and here.

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