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Carp fans

hiroshima carp fans

応援団 for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp (広島東洋カープ)

If you ever go to a baseball game in Japan, you want to sit in the oendan (応援団). This is the cheering section, and it’s way more fun than anywhere else, even though they are the farthest from home plate. These are the cheap seats but also the fun seats.

On this hot and humid day in Hiroshima the cheap seats were sold out so I was forced to buy a seat near third base. The views were better, but the best part was that the kind, little, old Japanese lady next to me used her fan on me the entire game like I was her son or something.

Rickey Henderson Field

oakland coliseum jackson henderson eck


My A’s are set to rename their field and open their season tonight in Oakland. I won’t be there, but I do hope to get down there to see a game soon.

Opening Day

adam rosales oakland as

Adam Rosales of the Oakland A’s

@Athletics @arosie7

It’s my favorite day of the year. My A’s don’t open until tomorrow, but my fantasy team (with Evan Longoria, who hit a home run today) is doing alright.

Long way to the top

112 fukuoka hawks dome

Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks #112 (Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome, Japan)

When you don’t make the 25-man roster, the 40-man roster, or even the 100-man roster, and coach sends you out to left field to shag balls, by yourself.

Happy birthday, Rickey Henderson

rickey henderson

Rickey Henderson

Rickey was my favorite player. He turns 58 today, having been born in ’58. He was 48 when I took this photo though.

Fred Lewis of the Hiroshima Carp


Fred Lewis (former San Francisco Giants outfielder) in 2013

Fred Lewis spent one year with the Carp after his major league career was over. He didn’t do much in Hiroshima (batting .268 with just 4 home runs in 300 plate appearances). He had a decent year with the Giants back in 2008 when he hit .282 with 9 home runs in over 500 plate appearances. He now plays in the independent leagues in the USA.

BTW, I mentioned a couple days ago that the home team had won every game of the 2016 Climax Series, and the Carp were the favorites (and had four home games scheduled). Well, that held true for the first five games of the series. However, Hiroshima lost game six at home (and the series). Hopefully it won’t be another 32 years before they get a crack at another one.

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