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Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

Berlin Wall remains

Berlin Wall

Earlier this month we finally passed the point in history in which the Berlin Wall has been down for more time than it was up. A few small parts are still up though. Today’s photo comes from last summer.

Ages of Life Fountain (Berlin)

Ages of Life Fountain

The Lebensalterbrunnen is on the south side of the Wittenbergplatz Station in Berlin. Waldemar Grzimek created this fountain in the early 1980s.

Black wings man

Take the U-Bahn or fly?

@Berlin_de_News @CSD_Berlin

I thought the number of gay people on the plane from Copenhagen to Berlin this past July was far more than typical. I didn’t realize until I’d been in Berlin for a couple days that it was Gay Pride weekend. In Berlin they call it Christopher Street Day (CSD). About a half million people turned out for the parade. This guy was an hour or so early.

Sunset from the Reichstag building roof

Sunset from the Reichstag building roof

Skywatch from Reichstag

reichstag roof clouds berlin

View from Reichstag roof (Berlin, Germany)

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