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Metal Monday

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Anthrax @ 2019 Brutal Assault

@Anthrax @Scott_Ian #brutalassault

Today’s photo comes from last summer. This year I’ll be seeing Anthrax at a European festival for the third time in four years. 2020 will have Anthrax at MetalDays.

Brutal Assault camping

Camping against the Josefov Fortress wall at the Brutal Assault Festival

Not all camp grounds are created equal. For instance, this one in Iceland stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Today’s photo features the camping arrangements at the Brutal Assault Festival. Basically, your tent is laying siege to an 18th-century fortress. How cool is that?

Metal Monday

toxic holocaust topaz ai denoise

Toxic Holocaust

#brutalAssault2020 #brutalassault @joelgrind666

Today’s photo comes from a show at The Haul in Grants Pass, Oregon. This summer I’ll be seeing Toxic Holocaust again at Brutal Assault.

Happy birthday, Tom Angelripper!

Tom Angelripper of Sodom @ 2019 Brutal Assault


The first time I saw Sodom (at Copenhell at about 2 in the morning) I couldn’t really “see” Sodom. They were in mist and strobe lights much of the time. The second time, this past August in Czech, couldn’t have been more different. In the sunshine they gave off a totally different vibe even if the songs were mostly the same.

Metal Monday

Sodom fans @ Brutal Assault

@sodomized #sodom #brutalAssault2019 #brutalassault

I was fortunate to see Sodom each of the past two summers. It would be a shame if that streak ended in 2020.

2020 Brutal Assault continues to stack the lineup

mercyful fate brutal assault

@RedFang #brutalAssault2020 #brutalassault

Looks like I’ll be seeing Mercyful Fate more than once this summer and Denial of God more than twice! Also looking forward to seeing Red Fang and Valkyrja again and Pentagram for the first time.

2020 Brutal Assault Lineup

Red Fang @ Eugene’s Hi-Fi Music Hall (now called Sessions) in December 2018

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