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Metal Monday!

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The Brutal Assault Festival has updated their poster-generating app to include Kampfar so here is my third poster.

Too early to start packing?

Kampfar @ 2019 Brutal Assault

@Norsepagans #brutalAssault2019 #brutalassault

In just over 15 days I’ll be leaving this side of the pond for the side beckoning me with five festivals and several other shows. Had you asked me nine months ago which bands that I’ve never seen before that I most want to see live, I would have answered:


In three months all four of these bands, let’s call them the Holy Quadrinity, will be off of my list thanks to the announcement this morning that Kampfar will be at the 2019 Brutal Assault Festival.

2019 Brutal Assault Festival

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Brutal Assault has created a fun little app for concert goers to create their own poster. I couldn’t stop at just one. In fact, I could have easily come up with several more, but I restrained myself. If only you could do this for festival shirts so you didn’t end up with bands you can’t stand on your back. 😉

Never been to a European metal festival?

#brutalAssault2019 #brutalassault @Frankreature

Maybe the reason is the cost?

Copenhell costs about $300 and is sold out so will cost much more on the secondary market. Beer is expensive, housing is expensive, etc.
Wacken is a similar price, (too big and too crowded IMO), and is also sold out.

Under the radar is Brutal Assault. With a very similar lineup of bands to Wacken, spread over one more day (so you don’t miss as many acts playing at the same time), and a crowd less than a third the size, you’ll get closer to the stages and enjoy your experience far more. Beer is cheap (under $2 for 17 oz!!), the setting is an 18th-century fortress, and the Czech Republic is awesome. Spend some days in Prague on your way in or out. Tickets through the end of April are just $100 for four days! Buy your ticket here.

About 30 more bands will be announced later this week!

Metal Monday

Tom Angelripper of Sodom @ Copenhell

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We are looking at just over four months until Copenhell and a bit under six months until Brutal Assault. Sodom will be at the 2019 Brutal Assault Festival. These two festivals will be the bookends for my European concerts this year.

Metal Monday


@RelapseRecords #Myrkur @PrimordialEire

Roskilde Festival added 27 acts to their 2019 lineup last week. A grand total of zero of them I am interested in. 🙁

In better news, Brutal Assault added 11 bands. The highlight, for me, is Primordial.

Metal Magic will be announcing more bands tomorrow.

Neurosis, Godflesh, and YOB are playing some European shows together. I’m hoping that means Neurosis will be added to the Brutal Assault lineup and maybe YOB will be added to a European festival I’m going to as well.

2019 Brutal Assault Festival Lineup

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