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tokyo neighborhood yanaka japanese house

Tokyo, Japan

You can find quirky buildings in any part of Japan, but Tokyo is particularly full of these hodge-podge neighborhoods. This photo comes from one of my favorite places in Japan, Tokyo’s Yanaka District.

Big, Sedona house

Cathedral Rock and house at 503 Chapel Road (Sedona, Arizona)

It’s impossible not to notice 503 Chapel Road in Sedona, Arizona if you head up to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. The opinions on the internet vary, but most are strongly against this home. I didn’t find the home to be nearly the eyesore that the Chapel of the Holy Cross itself is.

Högalid Church (Högalidskyrkan)

Högalid Church

When I was in the airport on my way to Scandinavia last summer I noticed that someone had left The Girl in the Spider’s Web at the gate. I picked it up and started reading. A few weeks later I found myself in several of the exact locations mentioned in the book when I visited Stockholm.

The Girl in the Spider’s Web is the fourth book in the Millennium series so I went back and read book one (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) when I got back to the USA in August. Currently I’m reading book two (The Girl Who Played with Fire).

During my reading a couple nights ago, a scene is described in which Lisbeth Salander is chased up a hill in a park-like setting to get to a church. I thought, “hmmmm…, that sounds like the church I climbed a hill to get to when I was killing time before my bike tour of Stockholm a few months ago”. Sure enough, they are one in the same place. With a little more research I found out that the place I ate my lunch next to (across the street from this church) is where Lisbeth’s first apartment was and the author, Stieg Larsson, is buried at Högalidskyrkan. Small world or something…

Ceremonial Hall interior @ University of Copenhagen

1853 Ceremonial Hall @ University of Copenhagen

Built in 1853, I was lucky enough to get views from every angle of the classic Ceremonial Hall on the campus of the University of Copenhagen this past summer. In the summer of 2018 I plan to experience my fifth summer in Denmark.

Grundtvig’s Church

copenhagen church sunstar

Grundtvigs Kirke (Copenhagen, Denmark)

New York flashback

new york central station grand Chrysler Building

My random, desktop image of the day comes from five summers ago.

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