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Japanese restaurant in Busan

japanese restaurant in busan

I just tried to figure out the name of this place, but I couldn’t. It has been more than a year since my visit to Busan. However, this was a memorable evening in Busan.

I chose a Japanese place to eat as I hadn’t spoken (in any language) in a while and was hoping I could at least find someone to speak to in Japanese. This place worked for that. The signs were all in Japanese so I ordered in Japanese. A Korean customer heard me and came over. We spent the rest of the night conversing in Japanese. The owner/chef also spoke Japanese, having been born and raised in Kokura (near Fukuoka) before moving back to Korea decades ago. We figured out that he was born just before my dad served in the military in Kokura. Perhaps my dad saw him wandering the streets when he was a child. I told my dad this story before he died earlier this year. It’s a small world, and life is short.

UNMCK Wall of Remembrance and reflecting pool

photomerge panorama UNMCK Wall of Remembrance reflecting pool

United Nations National Cemetery (Busan, South Korea)

On July 27, 1953 the Korean War came to an end. The Wall of Remembrance (around a reflecting pool) was constructed in 2006 of black granite and contains the names of the 40,895 fallen soldiers who fought and died for the South.

Jagalchi Fish Market octopuses

busan jagalchi market octopus

Busan’s Jagalchi Market

Memorial Day

grave busan lyman tomlinson UN Memorial Cemetery

Lyman Tomlinson grave in the UN Memorial Cemetery (Busan, South Korea)

I went to the UN Memorial Cemetery for the Korean War in Busan last July. It’s a cemetery in Korea for Korean War participants from a dozen countries or so. Very few of the graves are for Americans as most of those were moved to the USA long ago.

The experience was very moving. Several Korean people there asked me where I was from and when I told them the US, they were very thankful. When I told them my dad was in the Korean War they were even more appreciative. I explained that my father’s job during the war was more or less a desk job in Japan, but they said they didn’t care. The fact that he was involved in any way was all that mattered. One guy got down on the ground and started bowing and crying. He made me cry too.

View from the roof of the roof

korean temple roof beomeosa busan

Korean color

beomeosa busan korean color

Beomeosa – Busan, ROK