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Hedge Creek Falls

Hedge Creek Falls

Today is the first day of the last five days that I’m not traveling to or from the San Francisco Bay Area. Today’s photo comes from Dunsmuir, California on day three. The short walk to this waterfall, just off of I-5, is a nice place for a break from driving.

Red Bluff Round-Up Rodeo

Red Bluff Round-Up Rodeo bareback


The 2017 edition begins today. This photo is from last year.

George C. Yount Pioneer Cemetery and Ancient Indian Burial Ground

George C Yount Pioneer Cemetery and Ancient Indian Burial Ground yountville california

George C Yount Pioneer Cemetery and Ancient Indian Burial Ground (Yountville, California)

Another photo from our stroll last weekend in the Napa area.

Aerial view

clouds northern california aerial photography

My random, desktop image of the day is from a few summers ago. We were on our way to Hawaii. To anyone under the clouds, it was merely another overcast day. From above, though, it was lovely.

RIP Pioneer Cabin “tunnel tree” sequoia (908 – 2017)

RIP Tunnel Tree

The tunnel tree we visited in 2013 fell over during this past Sunday’s storm. Of the three tunnel trees, only the Clothespin Tree remains.

For perspective, my kids were each over 6′ tall when this photo was taken.

University of Redlands

university of redlands campus palm trees california

University of Redlands (California)

Once upon a time, Ellie was recruited by University of Redlands to play volleyball. She didn’t end up going there, but we did spend a few days in 100+ degree heat (and a gym that wasn’t air conditioned) exploring the option.

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