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Metal Monday

Nita Strauss

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Aerial shot of Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta from above

My random, desktop image of the day is from our trip to Hawaii last December. Our first leg was MFR to SFO, and this was the view from the plane window. I always try to sit next to a window on the side with a view of Mt. Shasta.

Six years ago today…

San Francisco

Two days until opening day

Oakland Coliseum

My random, desktop image of the day happened to be this one. Perfect timing.

This image gives me hope that I’ve learned something along the way with photography. I took this six years ago, and it would have come out much better today. What was I thinking using settings like f/22 and 1/13 for shutter speed?

Does your county rock?

cliff burton alameda county day castro valley

@Metallica #CliffBurtonDay #metallica @AlamedaCounty

I’ve never been so proud of having been born and raised in Alameda County. Today is Cliff Burton Day in that part of the world. Cliff and I were actually born in the same hospital in Castro Valley.

As I’ve ranted before, Metallica should have called it quits when they lost Cliff. Everything they’ve done after Master of Puppets has been awful. Even with their early songs live, they haven’t been able to reproduce the sound they had with Cliff.

Squirrel Appreciation Day

Lassen National Park animal golden squirrel mantled


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