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Castle fireworks

fireworks inuyama castle

fireworks @ Inuyama Castle

Two years ago today, this happened.

Osaka Castle gate

aoyamon gate osaka castle

Aoyamon (Osaka Castle Gate, Japan)

This week a group of American football players from Osaka, Japan descended on my current hometown of Ashland, Oregon. On Friday they will play a football game against the local high school team. Anyway, two of the players were over my house today. I thought they would be from Osaka, but neither were. One was from Kobe and other from Shiga. To (sort of) commemorate their visit, today’s photos are from Osaka, between Kobe and Shiga.

aoyamon gate osaka castle

Aoyamon sign


二の丸御殿 nijo castle kyoto flatland

Nijo Castle (Kyoto, Japan)

Nijojo doesn’t look much like Japan’s other castles. Besides being a somewhat rare flatland castle, there aren’t three or more levels like most of the castles in Japan.


金沢城 kanazawa castle park ishikawa ken prefecture

Kanazawa Castle

approaching Osaka Castle


View from Castle Inuyama

inuyama castle panorama photomerge

Inuyama Castle (犬山城) panorama

I have posted the view of Inuyama Castle from the other side of the river several times. However, today’s 20+ photo photomerge is of the reverse view a little earlier in the evening. I was standing on a corner of the castle so this panorama consists of more than 270 degrees of view. The boats in the river housed the fireworks that were set off an hour or so later.

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