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Japanese cemetery in spring

yanaka-sakura-cemetery tokyo spring

Yanaka cemetery (谷中霊園)

Okunoin (奥の院)


Grave Bling

kissing giraffes horses buddha statues jeju south korea stone builder headstones grave memorials

Jeju (South Korea) stone artist

Okunoin statue

kobo daishi kukai okunoin

Kukai (AKA Kobo Daishi) doesn’t have a grave since he didn’t die. He entered samadhi (sanmai or 三昧) instead. I’m pretty sure this statue in Okunoin is of Kukai although I’m not certain.

Adashino Nenbutsuji’s 8,000 Buddhist statuettes

kyoto adashino nenbutusji sagano


I was a couple weeks too early in August to see the Sento Kuyo (千灯供養) ceremony (which happens annually on August 23 and 24) at Adashino. On those evenings the temple is covered in candles and lanterns. Don’t miss it if you happen to be in Kyoto then.

Okunoin (奥の院)

koyasan cemetery japanese okunoin

Koyasan’s famous Japanese cemetery

One of my favorite places on this earth is this cemetery in the mountains of Japan. I’m dying to return.

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