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Aerial view

clouds northern california aerial photography

My random, desktop image of the day is from a few summers ago. We were on our way to Hawaii. To anyone under the clouds, it was merely another overcast day. From above, though, it was lovely.

Walking the Walla Walla dog

Walking the dog

Just over a year ago this happened. Sadly, I don’t think I will ever have a reason to head to this part of Washington again. I would like to see Palouse Falls (especially with a sky like this) someday though.

Las Vegas sunrise

Las Vegas sunrise (from room in Wyndham Grand Desert)

Grand Canyon

grand canyon

Grand Canyon (South Rim, Arizona)

Our trip to the Grand Canyon was fantastic. We got there just in time for a sunset before a snow storm hit. We spent the night at Yavapai Lodge and woke up to several inches of snow. Hence, there wasn’t a sunrise, but the Bright Angel Trail was awesome in the snow.

Yachats rainbow

Rainbow near Yachats

I just got back from a couple nights in Yachats, Oregon. The weather forecast was not good, but the weather wasn’t always that bad. We were able to take a 3-hour hike to Cape Perpetua Lookout yesterday without getting wet, and today we had a brief break for this rainbow.

Kyoto River

kyoto takano kamo river

鴨川? 高野川?

I don’t remember if this is the Kamo or Takano River. What I do remember is that cloud scared me a bit as I was on a bike and far from home. Thunder, lightning, and heavy rain started soon after this photo. I took refuge in the nearby Demachi Masugata Shotengai. This photo happened three years and two days ago.

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