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Guanajuato between storms


Guanajuato, Mexico

Later that same evening…

Jack London Square sunset

jack london square oakland sunset

(Oakland, California)

After a fabulous dinner of BBQ at Everett & Jones Barbeque, we headed over to the waterfront at Jack London Square to enjoy the sunset. I’m not sure if this is the Lady Washington (or maybe the Hawaiian Chieftain?), but some tall ship was forming the perfect foreground for the night’s sunset last Thursday.

Before the storm

beatty oregon rooney ranch shields before the storm

Beatty, Oregon

Sand Harbor between storms

8 photo photomerge lake tahoe between storms sand harbor

8-photo photomerge of Lake Tahoe‘s Sand Harbor

No life guard on duty on this day. No one was going in the water for a few reasons. One reason was that no one was there! Another was that even though this photo looks warm and sunny, it was actually below freezing with the wind chill factor. That’s snow on the mountains surrounding the lake.

I imagine Sand Harbor looks very different in August, not nearly as pretty and very crowded.

Expo ’74 began 41 years ago today

@SpokaneCity @VisitSpokane @ActivelyNW

This neck of the woods, from May 4, 1974 to November 3, 1974, was a bustling center of activity for the world’s fair. We visited Spokane, for the first time, this past March when I took today’s photo. Spokane was between storms on this day so the sky was fantastic.


金沢城 kanazawa castle park ishikawa ken prefecture

Kanazawa Castle

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