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Fukuoka Blue Hour (before the storm)

fukuoka blue hour before the storm

Naka River (那珂川) Fukuoka, Japan


osaka castle

Osaka Castle

Fukuoka from the highway

fukuoka from bus hakata bay

Fukuoka, Japan

I took a bus from near Hakata to the Fukuoka Dome area. Today’s photo is out the left window of the bus as we sped along the highway (福岡高速環状線). Out my window to the right was Hakata Bay. The sky was preparing for the incoming typhoon.

May 18th National Cemetery (국립 5.18 민주묘지)

korea gwangju 5-18 memorial cemetary 5·18민중항쟁추모탑

May 18th National Cemetery

Last week I got on Bus 518, near the front gate of Chonnam National University (where the May 18, 1980 events began in Gwangju), and rode to the final resting place of many of the individuals who took part in the Gwangju Democratization Movement. This tower, to the left of center, is known as the May 18 People’s Uprising Memorial Tower (5·18민중항쟁추모탑).

Hike up and over Mudeungsan and then back into Gwangju

photomerge panorama gwangju mount muduengsan

Panorama of Gwangju from the side of Mudeungsan

I did the “six hour” hike on Mt. Mudeung (무등산) a couple days ago. Today’s photo is from about an hour in. Believe it or not, after taking this photo I made it to the top of the mountain and then all the way back down into the city pictured below where I took the Gwangju Subway for the first time to get back to my bike. The hike actually took me about eight hours, but I took lots of photos along the way and got slightly lost once as well. Note if you ever plan to do this hike (especially in summer when it’s in the 80s or 90s and humid) that you can fill up your water bottles at Jangbuljae Pass. My guidebook (2010 edition of Lonely Planet Korea) says restaurant shacks can be found along the way, but they have all been cleared out since this became a National Park. In other words, bring your own food. Also note that if you ask the ranger at Jangbuljae how much farther it is to the Hakdong-Jeungsimsa Subway Station (학동·증심사입구역) and he tells you two hours, don’t believe him. Even on fresh, running legs I couldn’t have made it that far in two hours. As it was, my legs were already spent, and the last few hours were rather difficult even though it was all downhill.

Yongji Lotus Pond

lotus pond chonnam national university gwangju korea photomerge

Photomerge of Dragon Lotus Pond (용지) @ CNU in Gwangju, Korea

My office on the Chonnam National University (전남대학교) campus is in the Yongji Building which is right across the road from this lovely lotus pond with the same name. The pond is actually larger than this photo makes it look. This is a photomerge of about six images so it includes about 180 degrees of view. During the current rainy season seeing the pond looking like this is rare as the more typical gray sky usually makes it look rather drab. I grabbed the chance to take this photo when a rare bit of sun and blue sky came poking through the clouds one day.

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