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Throwback Thursday

The Old Town Den Gamle By aarhus denmark

The Old Town (Den Gamle By) (Aarhus, Denmark)

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Throwing it back eight years since this photo was taken and a few hundred years for everything in today’s photo.

time travel

The Old Town Den Gamle By aarhus denmark folk museum

The Old Town (Den Gamle By)
Aarhus, Denmark
folk museum

The Old Town (Den Gamle By)

the old mayor's house den gamle by aarhus town

The Old Town - Aarhus, Denmark

Perhaps my favorite museum visit, ever, was to Den Gamle By in Aarhus on Jutland. Besides the fact that I love old buildings, I had just the right conditions for visiting this place. I arrived almost an hour before they opened, and the guy at the gate let me in so I got to walk around and imagine myself traveling back in time several hundred years without tourists ruining the illusion. By the time I left a couple hours later, The Old Town was filling up and the ambiance had totally changed.

I believe today’s photo is the inner garden surrounded by “The Mayor’s House” (aka “The Old Mayor’s Residence” or “The Merchant’s House”). This building dates back to the 16th Century and was moved to its current location in 1914 as the first building in Den Gamle By.

Gay Copenhagen

copenhagen denmark gay spot of europe poster

Copenhagen Denmark - gay spot of Europe

Gay once had a different connotation than it does now. This print is from 1947, and I saw it hanging on the wall of The Danish Poster Museum which is part of Aarhus’ Old Town Museum (Den Gamle By).

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