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Paul McCartney @ Desert Trip


Paul McCartney @ 2016 Desert Trip playing “Band on the Run”

#DesertTrip #DesertTrip2016 @DesertTripIndio @PaulMcCartney #PaulMcCartney

When I was about 11 years old I bought my first stereo with money saved from my paper route. Problem was, I didn’t have enough money left over to purchase records. However, you could check out “old” records at the library. So I headed down to the Manor Branch Library and checked out Wings’ “Band on the Run” for a couple weeks.

I didn’t imagine that I would be able to see an old band like Wings 35+ years later.

When pigs fly…


Roger Waters’ flying pig @ Desert Trip

Roger Waters had a lot of anti-Trump propaganda during his set at Desert Trip. At the time (October 2016) I thought we’d never have to see it again, but I’m guessing he will now be able to use it on his upcoming tour as well. That’s too bad.

Shine on You Crazy Diamond


Greg Galeazzi, American amputee and military veteran, plays “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” for Roger Waters @ Desert Trip

#DesertTrip #DesertTrip2016 @DesertTripIndio @rogerwaters

Picked up tickets for Roger Waters’ “Us+Them Tour” for June of next year in San Jose. I’m hoping he does some “Amused to Death” on this tour. Can’t wait.

The Who @ Desert Trip

The Who @ Desert Trip

#DesertTrip #DesertTrip2016 @DesertTripIndio @TheWho

I saw The Who a couple times before, once in the 1990s and once in 2000 (at one of John Entwistle’s last shows), and it was fun to see them again at Desert Trip after a 16-year break. I cried a little bit during “The Kids Are Alright” but that’s only because I’m a new empty nester.

Desert Dusk

Dusk @ Desert Trip

#DesertTrip #DesertTrip2016 @DesertTripIndio

Desert Trip is over but not forgotten. Today a bootleg of the first weekend arrived in my inbox, and I’ve been enjoying Desert Trip again.

The Rolling Stones @ Desert Trip


The Rolling Stones @ Desert Trip (10/7/16)

#DesertTrip #DesertTrip2016 @DesertTripIndio @RollingStones

Friday night two of two at Desert Trip happened last night. I wasn’t there, but here are a few more shots from Desert Trip’s first Friday.


The Rolling Stones tongue logo given the Desert Trip motif


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