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marugame udon kai city japan

Marugame udon in the city of Kai (Japan)


Before dinner things looked like this. After dinner, on my way to Kofu by bike, things looked like this.

Should you find yourself a bit west of Kofu (as there is a different one right in Kofu), here is the address:

Biking around Yamanashi Ken

PHOTOMERGE panorama rice paddy dusk kofu

rice paddies near Kofu

Summers in Japan can be brutally hot and humid. When the sun drops the temperature doesn’t decrease much, but not being in the sun anymore is a welcome relief. Such was the case when I was heading towards Kofu 甲府市 from Kai 甲斐 on this evening. I ended up eating at this udon place nearby before making it to Kofu.

Brown Pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis)

A few weeks ago, this was the scene over the Atlantic Ocean from the balcony in my hotel room.

Daytona Beach Municipal Stadium panorama

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @racetodaytona #NAIAfootball

Greetings from cold and snowy Utah


Watching the day fade away on the Hozu River (保津川)

arashiyama Hozu River 保津川

Hozu River from the Togetsu Bridge (渡月橋) – Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

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