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Biyangdo Island (비양도)

jeju aerial topaz ai denoise

Biyangbong (South Korea)

Seven years ago this month I was flying to South Korea from Japan. I made a brief stop in Jeju. Biyangbong is the little volcano island off the island of Jeju.

Gosapo Beach (고사포해변)

korea gosapo beach haseom island GIC tour

Gosapo Beach and Haseom Island – South Korea

During certain tides, the East China Sea (or maybe this is the Yellow Sea? I’m not sure where one ends and the other begins) will part between this beach and the island in the distance. During those brief periods you can walk out to the island. I think they call it something in Korean dealing with Moses. The rest of the time, you need to rent a tube to get out there or just swim.

Gwangan Bridge (광안대교)

광안대교 panorama photomerge gwangan beach bridge night busan korea

Panorama (photomerge) of Gwangan Beach and Gwangan Bridge at night (Busan, South Korea)

I spent last weekend in Busan on the southeast coast of South Korea. The sun never came out, and the sky was never blue during the day. However, the “blue hour” still happens even with an overcast sky.

I didn’t have a tripod and there was nothing really easy to set my camera on for a long exposure so I climbed a lifeguard tower and set my camera on the floor of the lifeguard station in order to take the photos that were photomerged together into today’s final pic.

You’ll be able to see a lot more detail in this image if you click on it while viewing it on a large screen.

Jeju (제주)

Jeju 제주 south korea republic hawaii

The Island of Jeju (제주)
I’m not sure the name of the small island off of Jeju, but it appears to be inhabited as well.

I could see why they call Jeju the Hawaii of Korea when I was in the air. On the ground the similarities disappeared, but perhaps if I had a car and could have seen some more remote locations outside of the city of Jeju the comparison would become more apparent. The weather wasn’t good either–overcast and rainy which is how it is much of the time I hear.