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Guanajuato for a TBT

El Pipila from Guanajuato's most famous church


guanajuato el pipila mexico

Guanajuato’s El Pipila (Mexico)

My random, desktop image of the day features a different angle on El Pipila.

El Pipila

el pipila guanajuato

Guanajuato, Mexico

On a third or fourth visit to a city, you need to do something different to experience the place with fresh eyes. Such was the case on the morning I went for a random walk away from Guanajuato’s town center and took today’s photo. I ended up in a residential neighborhood up in the hills. This is not the typical view of El Pipila, usually photographed from the statue’s base or from the part of town near Teatro Juarez. I’ll show you the more common photo of El Pipila in a future entry.

Guanajuato’s most famous viewpoint

photomerge panorama el pipila

Six-photo photomerged panorama from El Pipila in Guanajuato, Mexico

The view from El Pipila is always excellent, but when the sun is about to go down and two days of heavy storms have just concluded things can go from excellent to outstanding.