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Animal Coaster @ Yomiuri Land

ryan ellie


200 degrees of the Bright Angel Trail

12-photo photomerge of the Grand Canyon's Bright Angel Trail after snow

Today’s photo (a 12-photo photomerge actually) is from our New Year’s Eve hike down Bright Angel Trail after snow fell during the night. We didn’t go all the way down, not even close. But this was a spectacular trail even with limited visibility, and the trail probably wasn’t as crowded as it is much of the time.

RIP Pioneer Cabin “tunnel tree” sequoia (908 – 2017)

RIP Tunnel Tree

The tunnel tree we visited in 2013 fell over during this past Sunday’s storm. Of the three tunnel trees, only the Clothespin Tree remains.

For perspective, my kids were each over 6′ tall when this photo was taken.

A year ago…

sayulita ellie ryan

Sayulita, Mexico

…this happened.

Erging in The Barn

ellie erging barn osu rowing

Ellie erging in The Barn on the Oregon State University campus

I didn’t take today’s photo. I don’t know who did. I like the looks of it though.

The Barn was built in 1907, and, as the photo shows, is still regularly used today.

Turtle feet


Punaluu Black Sand Beach (Big Island, Hawaii)

This turtle was as uninterested in the seemingly disembodied legs as Ellie.

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