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Eat nutritious food and you will be a carp

Hiroshima Carp menu

Nutritious = fried food? Eat to be a carp? Only in Japan…

The Hiroshima Carp won the Central League for the second year in a row. This weekend the Climax Series begins.

Love You Fancy


Parfect Guide

softbank hawks parfect guide

2013 Softbank Fukuoka Hawks guide book

My random, desktop image of the day is this one from two years ago. I suppose I took this photo because of the irony of spelling perfect incorrectly. The “all battle results of the 2012 season” also sounds more intriguing than saying “last year’s box scores”.


 jenglish engrish japanese english menu errors funny

Most Engrish still makes sense if you think about it long enough. Not this one. If you want to know what you get in the Cake Set you better learn to read Japanese because the Japanese are the only words on this menu that make any sense.

Make one way do as hotel is told with great care!

 japanese hotel escape instructions

Japanese hotel escape instructions

Farewell 2010

suntory beer ad japan

Goodbye 2010. I thoroughly enjoyed your rich taste in relaxing time!