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Metal Monday

Arve Ice Dale Isdal ice dale enslaved getaway rock festival

Ice Dale of Enslaved @ 2011 Getaway Rock Festival

#enslaved #concertphotography @EnslavedBand #EnslavedE

Enslaved recorded a new album last month. No word yet on a title or release date.

Happy birthday, Arve Isdal (AKA Ice Dale)!

enslaved getaway rock festival

Enslaved @ 2011 Getaway Rock Festival

#TDIM #enslaved #concertphotography @EnslavedBand #EnslavedE

Today’s photo comes from more than eight years ago, a time in which I didn’t really know what I was doing with my first DSLR. Had I shot this in RAW with a much slower shutter speed it could have been quite a bit better. Live and learn.

Happy Birthday, Grutle Kjellson!

Grutle Kjellson Enslaved

Grutle Kjellson of Enslaved @ Getaway Rock Festival 2011

Mr. Kjellson turns 40 today.

Headbanging to Enslaved

enslaved getaway rock festival head bang headbanging

You can get some strange pictures at concerts when you slow down the shutter speed. This one was taken at 1/13 of a second. Another slow-shutter speed, concert favorite of mine can be found here.

Enslaved’s “Riitiir” comes out in North America in one week

Grutle Kjellson enslaved

Enslaved‘s last few efforts have been so magnificent, so perfect and complex, that I’m very excited to hear their new release entitled “Riitiir.”

 RIITIIR enslaved cd album cover

Happy Birthday to Ivar Bjørnson!

Ivar Bjørnson

Ivar Bjørnson of Enslaved at Getaway Rock Festival 2011

Born on this day in 1977, the great guitarist for Enslaved, Ivar Bjørnson. Ivar started Enslaved when he was just 13 years old and Enslaved recently celebrated their 20 Year Anniversary.

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