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Spring Training 2014

Darnell McDonald takes away a home run from Kelly Johnson boston red sox fenway park

Darnell McDonald of the Boston Red Sox leaps …

… and does he catch it?

126_6218 Darnell McDonald takes away a home run from Kelly Johnson boston red sox fenway park

The fans and the Blue Jays bullpen know the answer to that question.

It’s February, and that means spring training for MLB will begin soon. Boston will seek to defend their title, but the Yankees have spent a fortune this off season to try and stop them.

The guy who hit the ball that was caught, above, Kelly Johnson, is now a Yankee. I was actually hoping this hit had turned into a home run as Johnson was on my fantasy team at the time.

Will today be the day?

Fenway Park boston

Fenway Park

My random, desktop image of the day turned out to be this one. Weird, no? The last time the Red Sox won a World Series at home in Fenway Park was 1918. Will they do it again tonight?

Lansdowne Street panorama

photomerge panorama lansdowne street fenway park

Photomerge of Lansdowne Street from left field in Boston’s Fenway Park

Today begins the 2013 American League Division Series.

Omar Vizquel

omar vizquel toronto blue jays 2012

Omar Vizquel

I meant to post something about Omar Vizquel near the end of the 2012 baseball season, just before he retired, but I forgot that I had watched him play twice (once in Oakland and once in Boston) last year until this photo came up as my random, desktop image of the day.

Omar is actually older than me. With his retirement I became older than every active MLB player which makes me feel very old. As a kid I remember thinking how old the players all were. Now they all seem so young. What happened?

Vizquel had some great years between 1992 and 2006, winning 11 Gold Gloves during that stretch. He finished his career with nearly 3,000 hits and over 400 stolen bases.

Today’s photo was taken at Boston’s Fenway Park during its 100-year anniversary year.

Going, going, gone! Goodbye 2012.

jose bautista home run fenway park

green monster

Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays hits a home run (way!) over Fenway Park’s Green Monster and the fans sitting on the Green Monster react.

Fenway Park turned 100 years old in 2012. I visited it for the first time.

In 2013 I’ll be watching most of my baseball games in Gwangju Mudeung Baseball Stadium, home of the Kia Tigers of the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO or 한국 야구 위원회).

Fenway Park panorama

loge box 157 159 155 view from seat fenway park boston red sox row bb

Wide angle view from Fenway Park, Loge Box 157, Row BB

Today’s photo is a photomerge of more than half a dozen photos taken from the seat I previously mentioned here. This would have been a great seat, had there not been people (fans, ushers, and vendors) walking in front of me constantly. There were very few pitches in which I could see both the pitcher and the batter and quite a few pitches in which I couldn’t see either.

It’s tough to tell, given the wide angle of the lens coupled with a photomerge in Photoshop of numerous pics, but David Ortiz is the batter against Ricky Romero. Big Papi hit his 399th career home run in this game as Romero was roughed up for just his second loss (eight victories) on the season.

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