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Fenway Park panorama

loge box 157 159 155 view from seat fenway park boston red sox row bb

Wide angle view from Fenway Park, Loge Box 157, Row BB

Today’s photo is a photomerge of more than half a dozen photos taken from the seat I previously mentioned here. This would have been a great seat, had there not been people (fans, ushers, and vendors) walking in front of me constantly. There were very few pitches in which I could see both the pitcher and the batter and quite a few pitches in which I couldn’t see either.

It’s tough to tell, given the wide angle of the lens coupled with a photomerge in Photoshop of numerous pics, but David Ortiz is the batter against Ricky Romero. Big Papi hit his 399th career home run in this game as Romero was roughed up for just his second loss (eight victories) on the season.

Boston Red Sox tickets went on sale this morning

fenway park boston red sox loge box b157 row bb

Fenway Park

This June we are taking a vacation to New York and Boston. I’m planning on seeing the Yankees, Mets, and Red Sox. This morning individual, single-game tickets went on sale for the Red Sox so I grabbed up four seats not too far behind the dugout. They weren’t cheap, but I’m happy. Look for some photos from the game on this blog in late June.

Here is a more close-up view of our seats (B157, Row BB) labeled “HERE” in the images:

boston red sox seating detailed by row