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Sunset from the Reichstag building roof

Sunset from the Reichstag building roof

Will today be the day?

Fenway Park boston

Fenway Park

My random, desktop image of the day turned out to be this one. Weird, no? The last time the Red Sox won a World Series at home in Fenway Park was 1918. Will they do it again tonight?

Happy Flag Day!

flag of usa roskilde festival denmark

Today’s photo of the American Flag comes from an unlikely location–the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. I’m not sure if the holder of the flag came all the way from the USA (like I did) or if they were just waving it in support of the American band Mastodon (who were about to hit the stage).

When eras collide

yamanashi ken takeda shingen matsuri

Today’s photo shows what can happen when a troop of 16th Century samurai heading out to battle get tangled up going downhill from their castle with 21st Century tourists heading uphill to check out the castle ruins.

Walking through Gävle, Sweden’s Old Town (gamla stan)

Gävle Sweden Old Town gamla stan flag swedish

Flag Day

kofu takeda shingen festival flag carrying samurai yamanashi nec

Today is flag day in the USA. In my town the streets are lined with flags. It’s an impressive sight. Next week I’ll be in Denmark, and they are quite fond of their flag as well.

Today’s photo doesn’t have Japan’s flag in it, but it does have several of the flags and banners that were carried during the Shingen Festival in Kofu last year. The main flag in this photo, as impressive as it looks to a foreigner who can’t read Japanese, is actually an advertisement for the Yamanashi Branch of NEC (日本電気株式会社). The flag holder, rather than being a real samurai, is merely an NEC employee.

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