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Iris month

irises flowers iris horikiri park

If you happen to be in Tokyo this month, head on over to Horikiri Shobuen (堀切菖蒲園) for the annual iris festival. Go on a weekday to avoid the crowds or on a weekend for possible performances and other activities.

Buddhist Water Lilies

water lily ceramic vase planter buddhist temple japan stone lantern

Not too far from the Musashi Koganei Station (武蔵小金井駅) near Kodaira City (小平市) on the western side of Tokyo you can find the Buddhist Temple known as Kaiganji (海岸寺). There you will see these water lilies. I suppose they could be lotus, but I think lotus are above, rather than on, the water.

Bamboo @ Keio Mogusaen (京王百草園)

japan tokyo bamboo Keio Mogusaen 京王百草園

As promised yesterday, here is a taste of a bamboo grove not far from central Tokyo.

Two years ago @ Keio Mogusaen (京王百草園)

京王百草園 Keio Mogusaen plum blossom ume

This crazy-looking, 300-year old plum tree wasn’t in full bloom when we visited it two years ago today. Other trees were more loaded with plum blossoms on this day so if you are in or near Tokyo during the next week Keio Mogusaen is a great place to visit.

If plum blossoms aren’t your thing, you can still enjoy the bamboo. I’ll show you a photo of the bamboo at Keio Mogusaen tomorrow.

Japanese plum blossom and Japanese lantern

Prunus mume

Ume in Ikegami Baien contrasted with a stone lantern

Ikegami contrasts

A year in Japan gave me a whole new perspective on the changing seasons, including the flowering seasons. I checked out the flowers in season every month in some of their most famous places in and around Tokyo. I find myself wanting to do the same thing now that I’m back home, something that wasn’t high on my radar before.

Today’s photo is of the ume (plum blossoms) at 池上梅園. Ume are far more impressive against a dark, stone lantern background than against an overcast sky.

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