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No Orange Stage for me in 2018 :(

Roskilde Festival's Orange Stage

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The first time I went to the Roskilde Festival was 2011. On the Orange Stage that year were Iron Maiden, Mastodon, and Portishead.

The second time I went to the Roskilde Festival was 2016. On the Orange Stage that year were Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tenacious D, and Neil Young.

Last year was Foo Fighters (pictured above).

This year there isn’t a single band I want to see on the Orange Stage.

The downward spiral continues. Speaking of The Downward Spiral, NIN will be at Roskilde Festival this year, but they won’t be on the Orange Stage.


Nine months ago today…

43 seconds into My Hero

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Happy birthday, Dave Grohl!

foo fighters roskilde festival

Foo Fighters @ 2017 Roskilde Festival

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Foo Fighters

roskilde festival foo fighters

Foo Fighters on the Orange Stage at 2017 Roskilde Festival

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The rain stopped for the Foo Fighters’ set on Friday night, but the crowd of nearly 100,000 people couldn’t entirely avoid the elements as most were standing in mud.

2017 Roskilde Festival

kurt cobain roskilde festival sunset dave grohl

Dave Grohl graffiti @ 2017 Roskilde Festival

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Foo Fighters tomorrow night. My festival was already made with Red Fang’s performance last night. Oathbreaker and High on Fire tonight.

Concert month begins!

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Let’s see, next week there’s Roger Waters down in San Jose to kick things off.

The month will end with the Foo Fighters @ Roskilde Festival on June 30. Check out their new video:

Dave looks like Tom Araya of Slayer in the video. Speaking of Slayer, I’ll be seeing them this month too–June 24 @ Copenhell.

A great month awaits…

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