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London ramen

Shoryu Ramen (London, England)


My random, desktop image of the day reminded me that I had some ramen in London a year and a half ago. I have no memory of this ramen which probably means it wasn’t that good or that bad.

Eat nutritious food and you will be a carp

Hiroshima Carp menu

Nutritious = fried food? Eat to be a carp? Only in Japan…

The Hiroshima Carp won the Central League for the second year in a row. This weekend the Climax Series begins.

Breakfast in Prague

Cafe Savoy breakfast in Prague, Czech Republic

@VisitCZ #VisitCZ @TasteofPrague

One of the (many) things I love about Prague is the food. Not only is it inexpensive (I never paid more than $10), but it’s delicious. I didn’t have a lousy, or even mediocre, meal the entire time I was there. Today’s photo is from Café Savoy, a 100+ year old restaurant with a classy decor and excellent food.

Tip if you are visiting Prague… as you get farther from Old Town Square the prices decrease and the quality increases. Some other favorite locations to eat in Prague include:
Pizzeria Kmotra
Papi Oliver
Gourmet Pauza
Pivovar Národní

Kanelsnegles make me happy

kanelsnegle copenhagen cinnamon roll

Copenhagen kanelsnegle (cinnamon roll)

Everyone in the USA knows what a danish is, but until you go to Denmark you’ll never really have one. In Denmark a danish (and there are about eight different ones) melt in your mouth; they aren’t bread covered in sugar and icing. I feel a little sick after eating a danish in the USA, but in Denmark I feel good after. Anyway, a trip to Denmark is worth it for this reason alone.

Papa Ramen

papa ramen copenhagen sign SKYDEBANEGADE 16

Papa Ramen @ Skydebanegade 16, 1709 København V

I had ramen in Copenhagen a couple times last summer but neither bowl was great. I tried to eat at Papa Ramen last year too, but they were closed. This year I got there before they shut down for the summer and it was great! I think the noodles were homemade, the seasoning and toppings perfect, and I really loved the three paper-thin slices of chashu. They have a second branch on Studiestræde, with lower prices, that will not be closing down for the summer. I plan to visit there (and Slurp Ramen Joint which has been on summer break but will be reopening next week) soon.

sumo wrestlers papa ramen copenhagen window decor

Papa Ramen window decor

papa ramen copenhagen SKYDEBANEGADE 16

Tonkotsu bowl at Papa Ramen


sukiyaki miyajima iwaso

Sukiyaki (すき焼き) @ Miyajima’s Iwaso (岩惣)


When you stay at a nicer inn in Japan dinner is frequently included in the price. At the fancier places the meal is usually a kaiseki (会席料理) affair of mostly seafood. I’m not a big fan of seafood (although I have enjoyed it to some extent in Japan). So when I booked my room at Iwaso I requested a mostly non-seafood dinner, if possible, even though seafood is the norm. To my utter amazement, sukiyaki (my favorite dish anywhere) was part of the meal.

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