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Throwback Thursday

Dazaifu Tenman-gu fukuoka

太宰府天満宮 (June 2013)

Throwing it back to that day more than 10 years ago that took me on an unexpected adventure with a stranger to a place more than 400 years old.

Throwback Thursday

kuroda family graves fukuoka

黒田家墓所 – Kuroda Family Graves (June 2013)

Throwing it back to the 17th Century today.

To the victor belong the spoils! Back in the early 17th Century, Japan was going through some changes. The Kurodas backed Tokugawa and were rewarded with Fukuoka. Three Kurodas were buried here on the Tochoji grounds, and a little over 300 years later a giant cube of an office building was built to look down at their graves.

kuroda family graves fukuoka sign

Kuroda family grave sign


Kushida-jinja 櫛田神社 fukuoka topaz denoise ai-clear

Kushida-jinja (櫛田神社) (Fukuoka, Japan – June 2013)


tochoji fukuoka buddhist temple shrine alter topaz denoise ai-denoise

Tochoji’s Buddharupas (Fukuoka, Japan)

The sign at my feet as I took today’s photo said, in English, “Do Not Enter. Buddhists Only.”, as if the ability to read English automatically makes a person not a Buddhist.

Gardeners or artists?


Lunch in the atrium

Atrium restaurant in the Hilton Fukuoka Seahawk


Something from six years ago in Fukuoka today…

The exterior looks like this.