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1889 Gävle Skola

130-year old school house

Today’s photo was taken after midnight on my way back to my Airbnb after the Gefle Metal Festival was over a couple years ago.

This year my Airbnb in Gävle was in an amazing house of similar age.

Gavle Old Town

gavle old town joe hill garden museum

Street with the Joe Hill Museum (Gävle, Sweden)

While wandering through Gävle’s old town I came upon the Joe Hill Museum (Joe Hill-gården) from which I took today’s photo. Joe immigrated to the USA in 1902 and was executed in Salt Lake City for a crime; the museum contends he was innocent.

Port of Gavle, Sweden

port of gavle harbor baltic sea sweden night photography

Ever taken a photo without flash at 1 a.m.? Usually the photos aren’t very successful unless you leave the shutter open for a long time. However, for this photo the shutter was open for just 1/2 second. The secret? I took it in early July in northern Sweden, a time of year and place in which things never get completely dark.

If you are ever zipping around in your boat on the Baltic Sea and need a place to rest for the evening, the Port of Gävle is a nice little place to moor your transportation.

Walking through Gävle, Sweden’s Old Town (gamla stan)

Gävle Sweden Old Town gamla stan flag swedish

Gävle (Sweden) Old Town (gamla stan)

Gävle Sweden

Old Town at summer's dawn -- Gävle, Sweden

I took today’s photo at 2:29 a.m. in early July in the farthest place north I’ve ever been–Gävle, Sweden. I had no tripod so there are no photographic tricks of light here. The shutter on my D7000 remained open for a mere 1/200th of a second. The sky never became totally dark on this evening/morning. A long sunset turns into a long sunrise this far north in the summer. I was walking back to my hotel through Gamla Stan, Gävle’s “Old Town”, from the Getaway Rock Festival.

The Old Town of Gävle contains many buildings from the 17th Century and the cobble stone streets are also from that time period.

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