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Tonight’s agenda

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Happy birthday, Chuck Billy!

testament gefle metal festival chuck billy

Testament’s Chuck Billy @ 2017 Gefle Metal Festival

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See you on July 4 at this year’s Roskilde Festival.

New Death Angel is out tomorrow!

Rob Cavestany of Death Angel @ 2017 Gefle Metal Festival

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First, part two of a story that spanned 30 years. Part one of the story can be found here.

Part two goes like this: At the 2017 Gefle Metal Festival, pictured above, I was backstage and heading to the bathroom before Death Angel hit the stage. I turned a corner and Rob, also pictured above, appeared. I said “Hi Rob” and he responded with a “Hi, do you know where the bathroom is?” I responded with something like, “That’s where I’m heading; this way.” So there I found myself, once again pissing next to a member of Death Angel, with 30 years separating the two events.

If teenager me could have seen the video below and been told that I would only have to live until I was in my 50s to see it, I would have gladly continued living. 😉

May 31 is the big day for this.

Metal Monday

Dark Tranquillity @ 2018 Roskilde Festival

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Just 54 days until I see these Swedes again. Can’t wait! I haven’t seen them live in Sweden for 11 years.

Happy birthday, Eric Peterson!

The Legacy

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See you in 51 days.


Myrkur @ 2018 Roskilde Festival

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70 days from today the Gefle Metal Festival will begin. MYRKUR will be there, as will I. As Amalie has been posting recently about the “viking in her belly” it will be interesting to see her set with her that far along in her pregnancy. The next month I’ll see her again in the Czech Republic, and I think she’ll be very close to her due date at that point.

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