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Lost in Iceland


My phone died on the way to Iceland. That was not a good time for such a thing to happen. My rental car had (kind of crappy) GPS, but that didn’t help when I went out on hikes. I was looking for Bruarfoss when I took today’s photo.

Waterfall Wednesday

bruarfoss waterfall iceland

Bruarfoss (Iceland)

Bruarfoss may be the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen. Sure, there are plenty of longer and/or wider falls. Bruarfoss doesn’t even show up on most top ten lists for Iceland’s waterfalls, but two things made Bruarfoss extra special.

The first is (obviously) the color. I haven’t photoshopped this photo. Those blue and turquoise colors are what you actually see when the sun is out. The second is I was the only one there. Hard to believe, given the beauty of this place, but I was there before 10 in the morning, and this waterfall is hard to find.

Some new houses have been built in the area making access difficult. The Google maps location was incorrect (but maybe that has been fixed?). I walked quite a distance before finding it. I never did find the Bruarfoss Waterfall Access Bridge, and photos on the internet indicate the bridge has been closed. Good luck!


3-photo photomerge iceland kerid

Kerið (Iceland)

Two reasons to get to Kerid early in the morning: owners of the parking lot aren’t there yet to charge you to see it and, more importantly, nobody else is there.


Laugarvatn Lake

@FontanaSpa #MyLayover

If you don’t like crowds, Lake Laugarvatn is a great alternative to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Plus you won’t have to sell a kidney to enter. “Swimming” in the lake, which is nearly 100 degrees, is free. I was the only one there a little before 9 a.m. when I took this photo. I came back after noon, and there still wasn’t more than a dozen people in the lake. Most were in kayaks.

The Fontana Spa is a number of pools connected to the lake. They aren’t free, but they are only about half the price of the Blue Lagoon and are likely to be far less crowded.



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