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Throwback Thursday

Metal Magic Festival


Throwing it back three years today to the old Metal Magic Festival venue (Ungdommens Hus in Fredericia, Denmark). You could drink your beer, meet new friends, and/or take a nap in an abandoned train back in the day.

RONE’s mural in PDX

RONE's "Every Rose has its Thorn" mural

#MuralArtsMonth #RONE #MuraloftheWeek #Portland #StreetArtPortland #StreetArtChat

I love a good mural. They can look great in person but somewhat uninteresting in photos in my opinion. Therefore, I don’t tend to post my photos of murals. However, this one (corner of SW 12th and Washington in Portland, Oregon) is exceedingly cool for a few minutes each sunny day when the light hits it just right.

Mr. Zero’s Ghost

2016 Roskilde Festival Graffiti Zone


Before Ghost got to the 2016 Roskilde Festival, Papa Emeritus’s likeness made it onto a wall in the graffiti zone. The graffiti zone turned into a major pissing area. By the last day the smell of urine was so bad I avoided getting near the walls.

Skeleton graffiti

guanajuato tunnel graffiti skeleton

Guanajuato tunnel graffiti of a skeleton

There seems to be more “Day of the Dead” type graffiti, souvenirs, etc. in Guanajuato than other parts of Mexico. Perhaps it is because of the mummies. In any event, graffiti of this nature in a dark tunnel provides extra impact.

Mexico Mickey Mouse

Guanajuato mickey

Guanajuato Mickey Mouse graffiti

I just finished hour two of my seven-hour Los Angeles layover. At least they have free wifi in LAX.

Gwangju Art Street

gwangju art street alley graffiti

Gwangju Street of Art (광주 예술의 거리)

Gwangju’s Street of Art is one of about five or six things listed in every guidebook as a thing to do while in Gwangju. Some of the reviews I saw on the internet were pretty mediocre. Saturdays are supposed to be the best days, and the second Saturday of the month is supposed to have extra events. So I went on the second Saturday to check it out. Little was happening, less than half the stores and galleries were open, and few people were around. Probably 10-20% of the stores were undergoing construction. Overall, it was disappointing. Maybe once all the construction is done it will be OK. As I headed away from the art area (toward Chungjangno or 충장로) I noticed this alley.

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