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Happy Halloween!

Took a little trip this past weekend to Portland, Oregon. This guy was showing off his wares at the Portland Farmers Market on the Portland State University campus on Saturday morning.

Kawasaki Halloween Parade

2009 Kawasaki, Japan Halloween Parade float

Kawasaki is doing their annual Halloween festivities again this year. The spots for parade participants has been filled for a while now (only the first 3,500 to sign up can participate), but you can still go watch. Since Halloween isn’t a holiday in Japan, the parade will take place during the afternoon of October 30.

Happy Halloween!

The middle finger doesn’t mean anything in Japan so don’t read too much into this photo. For more Halloween costumes and such in Japan see this link.

That’s a wrap on 2009 Halloween

japanese girl blonde witch costume halloween japan

If you are sick of my Halloween shots then I have good news. Today I will finish the Halloween series.

ryan case and mc of kawasaki halloween parade
girl angel japan costume
kawasaki japan halloween parade pics crowd happy
blonde japanese girl costume halloween

Halloween Festival in Japan – Part 3

japanese witch costume kawasaki halloween parade

Some more scenes from the Kawasaki Halloween Parade 2009 today…

Halloween at Baskin Robbins in Japan

Actually, this second pic is not from the parade. Instead it shows how Halloween fever has taken hold of an ordinary Baskin-Robbins ice cream store. Everything goes Halloween in the store and the Japanese come in to buy more than normal.

Japanese girl in pumpkin costume kawasaki halloween parade 2009

blue people japan cosplay halloween

Kawasaki Halloween Parade 2009 – Part 2

little japanese girl witch flies through crowd at kawasaki halloween parade

The little, Japanese girl on the right, dressed as a witch, looked to be taking off when the wind caught her cape.

Mr. and Mrs. Freddy Krueger costume kawasaki halloween parade japan

Ms. Krueger tried to take off my son’s face.

up float parade pixar halloween japan

The “Up” movie float started the parade. There were two large nets of balloons coming off the top before the parade began. One they let go to kick off the parade. The other had to be pulled in tight so they could get by trees, etc.

reverse trick-or-treat in japan japanese kids

These two, cute kids were doing some reverse trick-or-treating. They handed us candy and said “Happy Halloween” although it sounded more like ハッピーハロウィン. In any event, it brought a smile to my face.

What I eventually figured out, though, is that photos only come out well (with my camera anyway) pre- and post-parade when the subjects are still. During the parade video provides much better results.