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Kawasaki Halloween Parade 2009 川崎 ハロウィン パレード

川崎 halloween parade ハロウィン パレード kawasaki japan 2009 balloon

For Halloween, my son and I took the train down to Kawasaki for probably the biggest Halloween event in Japan. I think I heard someone say 2009 was the 8th year they have been doing the Kawasaki Halloween Parade. Signs said that Kawasaki is Japan’s Halloween city. Kawasaki was smart to grab up this holiday as the Japanese seem to really be getting into Halloween.

I read somewhere that sales of Halloween goods were up between 20 and 40% this year in Japan. Somewhere else I read that items sitting on shelves quickly flew off the shelf once the packaging was changed to a Halloween theme.

The stores were packed and the crowds were large on Halloween in Kawasaki. The parade could probably be even bigger if they had the space. As it is now they limit the number of participants to 3,000 (3 groups of 1,000 with traffic let through in between the groups). Probably 20,000 – 30,000 spectators pour into Kawasaki, like us, to watch.

2009 kawasaki halloween parade crowd

The above photo is of a small piece of the crowd. The main reason I took this picture is because of the sign in the upper right corner though. Mizonokuchi (溝口) is a place in Kawasaki that I lived back in late 1988 and early 1989. New Year’s Eve 1988 was the last time I was at the Kawasaki Station. Nearly 21 years later I came back for a different holiday. I’ve gone through Kawasaki on the train many times since, but this was my first time setting foot down in the place since the 80s.

yellow bees kawasaki halloween party parade 2009 tokyo japan costumes

I have loads of pictures and two more videos. You’ll get to see a few of the pictures and the other two videos if you check back over the next few days.

Every day is Halloween in Harajuku

harajuku ninja dude tokyo japan halloween

While most Japanese don’t really dress up for Halloween or go trick-or-treating like people do in the states, some dress up whenever they go to Harajuku. Today’s photos were not taken on Halloween or at Halloween parties. These pictures are of typical Harajuku wear (cosplay or costume play).

harajuku dude naruto headband japan cosplay

harajuku cosplay girls tokyo japan

Halloween window displays

halloween display takadanobaba tokyo japan

The Japanese love pretty things; they love cute things; they love to decorate. They don’t really celebrate Halloween the way we do in the states (although they love to dress up as you’ll see in tomorrow’s entry), but you see more pretty and cute Halloween decorations here than you do in the states. You can also eat hundreds of different Halloween foods in Japan, and I’m not counting the candy. The above picture is of a window display (which has been up since mid-September) on Waseda Doori near Takadanobaba Station that I pass frequently.

Below is a photo taken of an underground store next to the Ginza Station on the Marunouchi Subway Line.

halloween in japan ginza tokyo

Halloween – Hello Kitty Magic Pumpkin

hello kitty pumpkin

I have never seen so many pumpkins and Halloween decorations as I have this past month and a half in Japan. There was nothing even remotely Halloweenish 20 years ago in this country. Now Halloween is everywhere. Maybe 20 years from now there will be pilgrims and turkeys all over the place in November? I doubt it, but I certainly wouldn’t have predicted Halloween’s current Japanese fate back in 1989.

Halloween in Japan

hello kitty japanese jack-o-lantern pumpkins candy japan

When I lived in Japan a couple of decades ago nothing was done for Halloween–no decorations, no costumes, no trick-or-treaters, nothing. It appears times have changed.

I don’t think trick-or-treating has caught on yet, but a flyer went up in our neighborhood for a Halloween costume parade (early in October–not on Halloween!) more than a week ago. The stores are already well stocked with Halloween decorations and goodies even though we are barely midway through September.

vampire mickey mouse witch minnie mouse japan halloween

Where else in the world, but Japan, can you find Hello Kitty Halloween goods and vampire Mickey Mouse?

Halloween in Ashland, Oregon

I know it’s the wrong time of year to be blogging about Halloween. But I’m stuck in a classroom with nothing to do at the moment as my students are all taking their final examinations for Intermediate Accounting, Part III. Don’t you wish you could join them? 😉

Anyway, my picture selection is rather limited here at work so I’m dipping back into a few pictures from Halloween 2003.

Treebeard halloween costume

The reason I have these old Halloween pictures at work is because I brought them in to show my class. I was expecting them to say things like, “Oh, isn’t that a great costume” or “Boy, that does look like Treebeard.” Instead, the first comment was, “Why is that kid drinking coffee?”

My son is actually drinking hot chocolate, purchased at Evo’s Coffee Lounge just behind him, as it was a very cold Halloween. We had just finished reading Lord of the Rings so he dressed up as Treebeard.

ashland oregon halloween costume

This is one of my favorite pictures of my daughter. There was a band playing so she was actually dancing–hence the hip off to one side.

Halloween in Ashland is a big deal (as is New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July). There is a huge parade featuring most of the kids and adults in town all in costume. People come from all over the Rogue Valley and Northern California. After the parade parties go on both downtown in the streets and around town pretty much all night long. I once made the mistake of holding my 8 a.m. class the following morning…

cat vampire treebeard halloween costumes

Not to be outdone by my kids, I walked the parade in costume too, looking for current and former students to scare whenever I got the chance.

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