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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Maunawili Falls Trail

A little (OK, a lot of) green for you today.

This photo is from our trip to Oahu this past December. I took this photo on the Maunawili Falls Trail. Not to discourage you from taking this trail, but this was the worst hike I’ve ever been on. The trail is mostly deep, sticky mud and tree roots. I was sick, though, and that was the main reason I hated it. My body ached from head to toe with every step. Another downside, once you get to the (unspectacular) waterfall, you will find loads of people there.

Yosemite Falls

Yosemite Falls

Today’s photo comes from five spring breaks ago.

Happy New Year!

View from Chapel Trail (Sedona, Arizona)

@ArizonaTourism @SedonaAZ

One year ago today, this happened.

Falling into Maunawili Falls

George of the Jungle

Two months ago…

Blue Basin Overlook Trail

The Blue Basin Overlook Trail is in the Sheep Rock Unit of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. At this part of the trail I felt like I was about to step into a Hollywood set for Star Trek.

View from beginning of West Fork Trail

West Fork Trail (Sedona, Arizona)

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